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Facebook Stock News This WeekFacebook (FB) has been a hot stock pick recently, and for good reason. Not only is the company the strongest social network online today, it’s also making an effort to be the strongest company in online ads, online video, virtual reality, and much more. With that said, today we’ll be talking about what we’ve seen in Facebook (FB) news over the last week and whether or not the company has the ability to grow to become the top dog in tech!

Facebook’s Moves In The Social Media Space

When we talk about Facebook (FB), we know that we’re talking about the largest social network in the world. However, as with any great company, Facebook (FB) hasn’t stopped at becoming the best and largest; they want to be perfect. As a result, they continue to make it easier and easier for their users to express themselves in social media. Last week, the company added a new gender option, “Fill in the blank” for those who aren’t comfortable with the options they already had. They’ve also added features to make it easier for those with suicidal thoughts to get the help they need! With new, positive changes, I couldn’t see the social network going anywhere, any time soon.

Facebook (FB) Plans To Take Over Online Video

While online streaming video is nothing new to the social network, they’ve decided that they’d like to take a larger piece of the pie. In order to do so, Facebook (FB) has started to contact top content providers for YouTube (GOOG) in an attempt to get them to provide unique video content for the social network. So, far, their efforts seem to be working! While this news broke months ago, it seems as though the company’s attempts to get content creators involved are growing more and more frequent.

Facebook (FB) In The Virtual Reality Space

Another space that Facebook (FB) would like to dominate is the virtual reality space. This emerging technology has caught the eye of Microsoft (MSFT), Sony (SNE), Google (GOOG) and several others. However, it seems like Facebook’s virtual reality goggles, known as Oculus, have a new competitor on the Market. HTC announced that it will be breaking into the virtual reality space as well with it’s own system called vive. However, Facebook (FB) probably isn’t too concerned about HTC with employees like Mary Lou Jepsen (who they took from Google X).

Facebook (FB) Wants To Connect The World

If there is one thing that both Facebook (FB) and Google (GOOG) have in common, it’s the fact that they both want to bring internet connection to even the most remote areas of the world. As a matter of fact, both companies spoke at the Mobile World Congress wireless show, explaining their plans for bringing connectivity to more people around the world. While Google (GOOG) is focusing on solar powered drones and balloons, Facebook (FB) is taking the approach of building towers and fiber infrastructure in emerging areas. However, at the conference, both companies stated that they would be willing to work together to meet this ultimate goal.

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