Financial And Life Lessons My Puppy Has Taught Me


Most of you have already somewhat met my new puppy Sweetness Honey Rodriguez. Just in case you missed the post I did last week about costs of puppy parenthood, that’s her above (About 4-5 months ago). Anyway, in the 6 months or so that we’ve had Sweetness, we’ve had a blast. She’s the perfect pup…even though she likes to eat non-food items sometimes. Not to mention, she’s really helped me learn a ton about finances and life in general. So, today I thought I’d share the lessons my pup has taught me and some awesome pictures of Sweetness!

Sometimes, You Have To Remember That You’ll Make It Through This

Sweetness Car Sick

You know how most dogs love car rides? Well, Sweetness isn’t most dogs. Unlike most dogs, sweetness gets car sick. When we first got her, she would drool excessively and eventually throw up when she was in the car. Now, she only drools a little bit. She’s got her mind set on the prize. She knows that as soon as she makes it out of that car, she’s going to have a boatload of fun swimming in the lake or playing fetch and hiking! So, the lesson here… No matter how bad it seems, there’s eventually going to be something better on the other end of the road. 

Never Give Up

Sweetness Swimming

Sweetness is a fetchaholic. All she ever wants to do is play fetch when we’re outside. Here she is waiting for me to throw the stick. If you look closely, you can see her eyes and ears are down a bit. That’s because I told her no and that I was done with fetch for the time being. So, she sat there and gave me the puppy dog face while swimming for 5 minutes. At the end of it all, she eventually coerced me into playing more fetch. So, never give up, even if you think the goal is unattainable; persistence generally pays!

Patience Is A Virtue

Sweetness Checking The Cherries

Sweetness spends quite a bit of time with Mommy in the back yard garden. OK, that’s not the garden, it’s the new cherry tree, but you get the point. Anyway, Sweetness is incredibly patient. If you look closely between the leaves, you can see Sweetness sitting there with her cutest puppy dog face on as she stares at Ana. Now look down in front of Sweetness and you’ll see the stick she wants Ana to throw. She’s not pushy though. Nope, she’ll just sit there and wait patiently until Mommy is done and able to throw the stick! The lesson…Be patient young grasshopper!

Always Be Aware Of What’s Going On

Sweetness Is Alert

Sweetness is the most alert puppy I’ve ever seen. She definitely knows her surroundings. This is a lesson that we can definitely tie to finance. After all, financial stability involves knowing about, improving, and maintaining good credit scores, as well as being aware of and paying down debts. To say it simply, awareness plays a huge role in financial stability!

It’s OK To Relax Sometimes

Sweetness Relaxing

As a blog owner, I rarely find time to wind down. With all the fetching Sweetness is responsible for, she has the same problem. However, she always seems to be able to eventually find the time sit lay on the hammock and relax! The lesson here…all work and no play is a recipe for disaster!

It’s Possible To Be Comfortable No Matter Where You Are

Sweetness Sleepy

In life, we find ourselves in pretty uncomfortable positions from time to time. However, if we step back and really think about the basic things that can make us comfortable, it’s possible to be comfortable no matter where you are. Just look at Sweetness…she’s perfectly comfortable using my shoes as a pillow! The lesson here…comfort is in the eyes of the beholder!

Reader Question

Do you have any pets? If so, have you learned anything about life or money from them?

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  1. This is a great post! I’ve learn from our cats that sometimes snoozing in the sun is the best medicine you need. I love all the pictures too, what a sweet dog 🙂

  2. I love this! Sweetness is a beauty! We have 3 pugs and consider them our first set of children. They’ve taught us a lot about responsibility and given us more love and stray dog hairs than we ever knew possible!

    • Thanks Kara! I love pugs…they’re so cute with their mushed faces. Anyway, thanks for swinging by…and I know what you mean about the stray hairs!

  3. Hey Josh you are spot on, dogs can be some of the most patent animals around, and this goes to show we don’t need everything right now. Maybe our dogs really are trying to tell us something ; ) Great post.

    • What? Did I read you right? Racing Pigeons…that’s awesome, I’m definitely going to have to look that up on youtube! Thanks for swinging by!

  4. Oh I loved this post, Josh! Not only do I love dogs, but Sweetness really helped you to tell some great lessons on the PF front!! They’re all great points, but if I had to pick one, it’s the first one. She’s adorable. Great photos too! #seriousdogenvy

  5. I seriously wish I could trade lives with my dog sometimes! He has it made!! He literally lounges around all day long and sleeps when he wants. His only annoyances are the occasional bath or nail trim.

    • I can’t blame you…Sweetness does have it pretty good. Surprisingly enough, she really doesn’t mind the grooming. She’s an attention hog! Thanks for swinging by!

  6. That’s really a beautiful dog. I enjoyed the last lesson the most -> “It’s OK To Relax Sometimes.” Like you, as a blog owner there seems to always be SOMETHING else you could be doing to improve your blog/brand/business. It’s one of the things I love about blogging, but it definitely makes it hard to just relax sometimes. It’s something I need to get a lot better at.

    • Hey DC, thanks sooo much, I definitely love my little Sweetness. I’ve definitely learned a bit about the value of relaxation from her. Believe it or not, when I go on my long stretch laptop binges, she tries to close the laptop to get attention…it’s awesome!

    • I can definitely understand that. Pets can be crazy expensive and they are definitely time intensive…especially dogs. But, then again, I wouldn’t trade Sweetness for the world!

  7. Aw, Sweetness looks like such a little cuddlebug! How adorable. I really wish I could get a dog, but we’re pretty happy with our two cats right now. These were great analogies to personal finance. Honestly, my cats teach me that living a simple life can still be fulfilling. Looking over at them right now, they’re both sprawled out on the floor looking very content. Pets don’t need much to be happy!

  8. Too many times in life we get caught up in the day-to-day or allow ourselves to get all worked up over silly little things like some guy cutting us off or the woman going through the “10 items of less”lane with 14 items (who does she think she is??). We need to remember to take a step back and see the bigger picture. That these things are worth getting all worked up over and to really appreciate life and learn and grow everyday. It’s great that you are learning lessons like this from Sweetness Honey Rodriguez.


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