Having Fun on a Budget Without a Computer or Television

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Hi Everyone! Thank you, Joshua, for having me here. My name is Liz and I blog over at Budgeting for More. I met my husband in college, got married while still in school and graduated with a lot of student loan debt. Fast forward two years and we are still paying off this debt. In addition, we also added a mortgage and two car loans.

Our motivation to pay off the student loans quickly is so that we can start a family. I would like to be a stay-at-home mom or only work part-time.  With all this debt, being a stay-at-home mom is not an option. We need two incomes to sustain ourselves.

It wasn’t until recently that we started to carefully examine our expenses and look for places to save so that we could pay more on the loans. We finally cut the cable a few months ago. That alone saves us around $30 per month or $360 per year!

While we are working hard to cut our expenses and pay off our loans, we also want to enjoy life and have fun. We look for fun activities that don’t cost a lot of money. To make it even more challenging we also search for activities that don’t require a computer or TV! Why? We both work on our computers at least 8 hours a day if not more for our jobs. That is too much time spent in front of a screen!

Games – I am talking old school card games and board games-not Nintendo Wii or Xbox. This has actually been a lot of fun for us.  Last year hubby received the game, Settlers of Catan for Christmas. It’s pretty fun and doesn’t take forever to finish like other games such as Risk! I also enjoy a handful of solitaire games. What are your favorite games?

Make somethingMake something in the kitchen or make a craft. You don’t need to buy anything. Part of the fun is trying to figure out what you could make with what you have. You may really surprise yourself with what you can make when you utilize your resources.

Go Outside – After living in the same area for the last 2 years, we finally visited a nearby park reserve. The park is free to visit and has nice walking trails. Why hadn’t we visited sooner? Once summer rolls around I hope to make several visits out there. Maybe even do a picnic out there.

Go to the Library My library got a complete overhaul 3 or 4 years ago and it is now amazing. They have a really good selection of current books. Hubby and I swing by the library once a month or so and save a lot of money by renting rather than buying books.  Have you visited your library recently?

Look at photo albums – Take a trip down memory lane and look through your photo albums. I love looking at pictures of our family growing up and reminiscing. If you have any grandparents around it is especially fascinating to go through photo albums with them. I love looking at pictures of my grandparents when they were my age and hear them talk about their lives.

What frugal activities do you enjoy?

One last thing…Josh here. Thanks for joining us. Have you been to Liz’s blog, Budgeting for More? As you know, I’ve been reaching out to bloggers I follow to be featured here at CNA. Liz is one of those. If you haven’t made it to her blog yet, I’d recommend getting over there and doing some reading!


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