GDP and Consumer Sentiment Not Enough To Excite Markets


Bears and BullsToday marks the official last trading day for February of 2015. Next week we will enter the final month of the 1st quarter of 2015 trading.

As of 11:17 A.M., EST the DOW is down -20.54 points to 18,193.88 along with the S&P pointing higher actually by +.88 points as well to 2,111.62. The NASDAQ indicates is down by -2.29 points resting at 4,985.59 at the moment. As of yesterday, the DOW finished off the session closing at 18,214.42 down just -10.15 points. The S&P is also still holding highs at 2,110.74 down just -3.12 points also. The NASDAQ was up +20.75 points enjoying a nice session to 4,987.89.

Last night in Asia the Nikkei 225 index was up +12.15 points closing off at 18,797.94 with the Hang Seng index down -78.77 points to 24,823.29. Like the American markets, the Asian markets are lingering on these high levels. In Europe, the FTSE 100 index is up +4.78 points to 6,954.51 currently. The CAC 40 index is also up gaining +23.12 points to 4,933.74. Also, the German DAX is also nicely up +45.19  points to 11,372.38.

Crude oil continues to remain at low barrel scraping levels of 48.99/barrel despite it’s nice climb of +.82/barrel today up 1.70%. NYMEX Nat. Gas is down -.01 cents and -.28% to 2.89/MMBtu.

Precious have changed direction since early this morning as they were on the decline moderately lower but have changed to an upward swing. Gold comes in up +6.10/oz to 1,218.60 and Silver down -.03 cents an ounce to 16.65. Platinum is up +16.30 cents an ounce coming in at 1,190.90 currently. Palladium is also up +5.40/oz to 817.40.

In Penny Stock News, SMM is keeping a close eye on Herborium Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:HBRM). Yesterday, the stock traded about 140M shares when the average 10 day volume is merely 43M. The stock experienced a nice rise from .0006 to .0008, even striking .0009, fresh one-month highs. The stock has had recent PR to possibly drive the price higher, but traders and investors are simply jumping over one another to grab shares at the moment. As of yesterday’s close, we saw a nice flood of new buys up through the close. Expect to see a nice pop in the stock this morning and/or during the session today. The stock appears to be trading on high momentum and has been trading on exceedingly thick volume. Since this morning’s open, the stock has struck .0009 and starred down .001 but no one bought. At that moment, there were 21M shares sitting on the .001. We will watch for a nice upward surge to break us through as we’ve already crushed the average volume exchanging 80.1M shares so far today 2 hours into the session.

Herborium Group, Inc., provides natural and complementary healthcare related products to consumers and healthcare professionals seeking alternative answers to the management of healthcare issues not met by standard Western medicine. The Company’s products are botanical supplements consisting of herbal formulations, referred to as botanical therapeutics, established in China. The Dermatology group consists of AcnEase Oral, all natural Acne and Rosacea Treatment and AcnEase Skin Management System (Masks for Acne Marks/Scars). The Energy Restoration group consists of Energy Booster Lasting Energy, a Herbal Supplement for Energy, Jet-Lag and Hangover. The Sexual Health and Performance group consists of all natural herbal medicinal products targeting the improvement of male and female sexual health and performance. The Extended Product Pipeline group includeLiver Activator Series and Rheumatoid Arthritis Products.

The Pot Stock Sector appears to be setting up nicely as well for a big run. Analysts believe that the Pot Stocks are setting into their lows, making way for their big 2015 expected rally. We will obviously keep a close eye on this budding sector as well.

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