Gilead Sciences (GILD) | Earnings Should Be A Hit!

Gilead Sciences Stock NewsGilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: GILD)

Gilead Sciences is expected to release its earnings report today after the bell. So naturally, curiosity strikes and I’ve decided to take a look at what we can expect to see. Here are a few things to keep in mind before the earnings release…

GILD HCV Earnings Shouldn’t Be A Problem

This is a heavily heated debate, and I’ll most likely catch a bit of flack for saying this, but in the quarter, I’m not expecting hepatitis C sales to be a big problem as some experts are suggesting. The suggestion is understandable. There’s been a bit of a price war with AbbVie Inc (NYSE: ABBV), and it could affect sales and revenue; however, I just don’t think it’s going to. Based on prescription drug data, it seems as though Gilead’s Sovaldi and Harvoni are still selling very well; so, I wouldn’t expect much of a decline there.

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Analyst Expectations

If you’re looking for positive analyst expectations, you’re not going to have to look very hard. For example, Jefferies sees GILD as a “top biotech stock” that saw it’s revenue increase over the past 12 months by 16.2%. “With a host of top-selling drugs and an incredible pipeline, the company is poised for outstanding earnings 2015 and beyond.”

What We’re Seeing In The Market Today

Unfortunately, Gilead Sciences stock isn’t doing as great in the market today as I had expected. Nonetheless, the downward movement we’ve seen so far today presents a very nice opportunity to get in on positive earnings report gains before the fact. Currently (12:37), GILD is trading at $100.85 per share after a loss of 1.44% so far today.

What We Can Expect To See From Gilead Sciences Moving Forward

Moving forward, I’ve got incredibly high hopes for GILD in both the short-term and long-term outlooks…

  • Short-Term – In the short term, I’m expecting to see a strong earnings report today after the bell; which should push the stock higher.
  • Long-Term – In the long term, I only see growth for GILD. As mentioned by Jefferies, Gilead Sciences offers a host of top-selling drugs and an incredible pipeline. Beyond that, the company continues to move forward with R&D in an effort to innovate new treatments that will make life easier for those suffering from chronic illness. With that said, we should see long term gains from the stock.

What Do You Think?

Where do you think GILD is headed and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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