Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ: GILD) Stock | Is It Time To Buy?

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Throughout most of the past month, Gilead Sciences stocks have been on the downtrend. However, as investors, our ultimate goal is to find the bottom so we can buy in cheap and gain from growth. So, today I thought I would talk about why I think that if you’re interested in Gilead Sciences stocks, now may just be the perfect time to buy. So, lets get right to it…

GILD Stocks Are Incredibly Cheap Right Now

Because of the declines we’ve seen over the past month, Gilead Sciences stocks are pretty low cost right now. As a matter of fact, they’re currently trading for just over $100 per share; compared to $104.51 per share just 30 days ago. While I’m never on board with buying into a stock that I think is going down hill for the long term; I’m pretty sure that’s not what we’re seeing right now. Here’s why…

Gilead Sciences Is A Dominant Company In Healthcare

When it comes to market share, Gilead Sciences is the world’s leader when it comes to hepatitis C treatments and HIV medication; and their sales can prove it. As a matter of fact, after the FDA approved Gilead Sciences’ hepatitis C drugs, known as Harvoni and Sovaldi, the company’s medication sales increased by 122% throughout the year 2014. Not to mention, the year 2015 is set to be a great year for sales for the company. As a matter of fact, they are on pace for the following numbers this year…

  • HIV Drugs – Currently, Gilead Sciences offers 5 different HIV treatments; each of which seem to be hitting the numbers we expect from them. All in all, they should generate about $1 billion in revenue each throughout the year. Not to mention, two of those medications are under patent protection until 2023 for one and 2029 for the other. So, chances are that we won’t see their sales declining any time soon.

  • Hepatitis C Treatments – While there’s plenty of competition in the hepititis C space, it seems as though Gilead Sciences will continue to take the lion’s share of market capitalization in hepatitis see for the foreseeable future. As a matter of fact, Gilead Sciences’ two treatments for the ailment, Harvoni and Sovaldi are expected to break $12.4 billion in combined sales throughout the year.

So, Is Now The Time To Buy?

In my humble opinion, the answer is yes. The sharp declines we’ve seen in the stock over the past month have driven the price down; creating a compelling opportunity to capitalize off of future growth. All in all, the company is the leader in HIV and hepatitis C treatments and is on pace to generate great profits this year; why wouldn’t you want to get in on that?

What Do You Think?

Do you think Gilead Sciences stocks will rise or fall in value? Why? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I think GILD is a buy right now. The stock dropped into the $98 range in early trading today and ended under $100 for the day. This stock is undervalued primarily due to speculation over the Democratic Party agenda to lower prescription drug prices. We all know that political promises are worthless, so the stock should rebound in the coming months to somewhere around $112 per share.


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