Happy Father’s Day – 10 Ways My Dad Made My Childhood Amazing

Hey everyone. Happy Father’s day. I’m not that great with gifts. As a matter of fact, I never know what to get so I wait until the last minute…it never really works out well. Well, this time I didn’t do that. I thought to myself, “What would be something I could get my dad that he doesn’t already have?”. Truth is, I’m not quite sure what he would want. So, instead of buying something, I figured I’d remind him of the awesome things he did to make me the man I am today. So, without further ado, here are 10 ways my dad made my childhood absolutely AMAZING!

  1. Food Hunting – No, Dad and I never went out to shoot a dear, we never went hunting for rabbits, or anything else for that matter. However, every once in a while, we would get in the car and drive until we found a restaurant with a type of food we’d never tried before. Over time, I got to taste an incredible amount of cuisines from different cultures, and that was absolutely awesome!
  2. Boxing – When I was a kid, I really enjoyed boxing. A lot of it came from watching the fights with my dad before I could dream of boxing myself. Anyway, I’m not sure what it took, but I do know that boxing is expensive and we weren’t rich. Aside from the time he spent dropping me off and picking me up, literally every day, he made sure I had the shoes I needed, best gloves available and more. My dad did everything he could to make sure that I would succeed!
  3. Renaissance Fairs – My dad is an incredibly artistic man; which I’m sure is where I get it from. As I was growing up, my dad owned Renaissance Treasures and would often times be a vendor at renaissance fairs. I learned how to juggle, how to haggle, how to create relationships quickly, how to work with money, how to watch for thieves, and so much more at these fairs.
  4. HTML For Dummies – Inspired by my dad’s Renaissance ventures, at a very young age, I started sculpting with polymer clay and selling my art on his booth. When I was 11 or 12, my dad bought me the book HTML For Dummies. I spent months reading and learning how to program a website, but soon enough I had one. It’s because my dad gave me this book that I’ve got the career I have now. I have the freedom to work from home, to spend time with my fiance, and to be an awesome father when I have kids; all because my dad spent $20 on giving me a brighter future!
  5. Discipline – Every parent struggles with how they should discipline their kids. Although I was a little sh*t at times, my dad very rarely put his hands on me. Instead, he built an awesome relationship with me. Although the sting from a belt more often would have hurt, it would have went away quickly. However, knowing that my dad would be upset lasts much longer. Therefore, I didn’t do a lot of stupid things out of the fear of hurting my dad’s feelings.
  6. Gardening – As most of you know, I have a garden now. I’m lucky too. When Ana and I got started, I knew exactly what to do. That’s because my dad and I spent countless hours in the garden as I grew up. Those lessons proved to be priceless when I started to see that I still remembered how to grow tomatoes earlier this year!
  7. Our Garage – As I mentioned before, my dad is a very crafty person. He made candles out of rocks, took copper tubing and turned it into fairy wands, took a slab of wood and turned it into a piece of art. All of this was done in our garage where we spent tons of time laughing and having great conversation. He also thought me quite a bit beyond art in that garage. One of the most important lessons I learned there was that if you’re going to produce a product, it’s pointless unless you take the time to make it quality!
  8. Business – Growing up, my dad was part of and owned more businesses than I can remember. No matter what he was doing, he always brought me along for the ride. We even hung blinds together in huge houses….I loved that gig because I was young and earning $10 an hour to help my dad!
  9. Music – My dad was the lead guitarist of a band called Pegasus. I remember hanging out in the garage they practiced in, and spending time with the band. When you’re young, that’s an amazing thing that you just won’t forget. As time passed, I went on little music ventures of my own. Although I’ll probably never be as good at the guitar as my dad is, I really appreciate him making my child hood musical!
  10. Love – You know, when I was growing up, we really didn’t have all the money in the world, but if I wanted or needed something, my dad would break his back to get it to me. No matter how many times I royally F$$$ed up in childhood or adulthood, my dad never stopped loving me. I hear all of these stories from friends of divorced families about one parent talking badly about another. My dad never did that. He spoke greatly about my mom, even though their relationship was far from good. I know there are a lot of dads out there, but there’s not one that could ever love his son as much as my dad loves me. I hope that when I have kids I become half the dad he was and is today!

10 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day – 10 Ways My Dad Made My Childhood Amazing”

    • That made me cry. You guys had ups and downs but he loves you so much and always and still does want the beat for you. I remember how much fun you guys had going food hunting. That is one of my best memories, even though I didn’t go, you both always came home so happy. You are a son anyone would be exreamly proud of.

      • Thanks so much Laura. We did have an awesome time food hunting. It’s kind of funny how you don’t realize what your parents do for you until you’re living on your own and looking back. Dad was amazing!

  1. Sounds like your Dad really influenced you throughout your childhood, in a positive way. If only I had gotten my hands on an HTML for dummies book at a young age…it’s amazing what an influence something like that can have on someone.

    • He absolutely did! I know, thinking back, it’s crazy to think that HTML for dummies, a measly paperback book helped to mold my career. You know what, I love what I do!

  2. Love this! I may have to steal your “food hunting” idea! My dad is still helping me with my garden (this is my 4th year) and I’m so grateful.

  3. What an awesome testament to your dad! My parents were divorced too, and I always appreciated that my dad never spoke poorly of my mom to me no matter how he felt. I wish my dad could have taught me to garden, it is a skill that I wish that I had now!


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