HBRM Jockeying For Big Breakout


HBRM LogoWe recently covered HBRM and have been keeping our eyes on the stock and its movements over the past few sessions. The stock has showed some serious energy a couple of sessions ago and at the end of Friday’s close began to mount its comeback, slapping 27M shares on the ASK right before the closing bell. The stock has been hitting .0009 and even eyeing up .001, preparing for its breakthrough. The stock is definitely on our Watchlist and we’re waiting for some big movement on this one.

The stock traded 160.7M shares on Friday alone when the stock only trades 60.1M on a ten day average. HBRM has a 52-week high of .33 cents which was tagged on February 27, 2014. So this stock can run! The 52-week low was hit on December 26, 2014 at .0003. As you can see, we aren’t far off those levels, which seems to indicate we are off of our lows and approaching more greener pastures. When the stock is hopefully able to break through the .001 level, we  should see a nice rally build from that point on inviting the .002’s and possibly .003’s to the party. Anything after that is difficult to tell as this stock can easily run from its current level to .03 cents in one session. The volume has been extremely hot and massive trades have been going through. Something is going on with HBRM and we suspect its time to rally hard.

HBRM has an EPS of (.35) reported on August 31st, 2013. The market cap currently represents 16K with 19.83M shares outstanding at the moment. In the float, there are 17.7M shares.

Watch for some serious action at today’s open and during the day. This stock should accumulate some serious green territory according to technicals.

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