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Today has been a very big day for a select few in biotech. Here are today’s most bullish biotech stocks and what we can expect to see moving forward…

Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company Stock Is Today’s Biggest Gainer In Healthcare

Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company Inc (NYSEMKT: AXN)

Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company stock is climbing in the market today; currently (2:53) trading at $2.16 per share after a massive gain of 20.00% so far today. AXN has been the topic of quite the debate after a massive climb between June 5th and June 8th led to a massive reversal; with the stock trading low since. However, it seems like AXN is finally reaching support; and based on today’s growth, I think it may last for at least a couple of days as the stock didn’t simply shoot up, but we’ve seen steady gains all day. With that said, if you’re in for nice short term gains, this may be one that’s well worth looking into.

Progenics Pharmaceuticals Stock Climbs On High Volume

Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: PGNX)

Progenix Pharmaceuticals stock is doing incredibly well in the market today; climbing on incredibly high volume. According to NASDAQ, the average daily volume on PGNX over the past 50 days has been 969,771. However, the volume is far above average today with 4,442,644 shares trading hands so far. As a result, the stock is climbing in a big way. Currently (3:02), PGNX is trading at $8.12 per share after a gain of 11.69% so far today. While we are seeing a slight dip as the trading session comes to a close, based on the bullish trend we’ve seen from PGNX over the past month, I could imagine that this dip may be an opportunity to get in on the action.

XOMA Corp Stock Is Up On High Volume As Well


XOMA Corp is also having a great day thanks to overwhelmingly high trading volume. According to NASDAQ, the average daily volume on XOMA throughout the past 50 days has been 2,127,991. However, today, far more shares have traded hands; and the session hasn’t come to a close yet, Currently (3:08), 5,717,148 shares have traded hands so far today; pushing the value of XOMA to $4.23 per share after a gain of 9.02% so far. XOMA has had a bit of a rough time in the market over recent years. So, while this may present a bit of opportunity moving forward, if you decide to trade this one, it’s highly advised that you trade with caution.

Do You Know Of Any Others?

Do you know of any other big gainers in healthcare today? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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