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If you follow my writing here or elsewhere, you know that my favorite sector to follow is biotech. With that said, I was digging around the biotech space earlier today and found a few stocks that are well worth keeping an eye on. Here’s what I was able to dig up…

MannKind Corporation Stock Is Seeing The Beginning Of Long Term Gains

MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD)

MannKind is one of my favorite stocks to follow. Unfortunately, a few months back, MannKind was the target of a Goldman Sachs downgrade; sending the stock spiraling down. While the downgrade looked down upon Afrezza, Jefferies recently changed many investor opinions. A short while ago, Jefferies published data from a survey which found that 65% of endocrinologists not only known about Afrezza, but plan on using it in the future. Since the publication of the survey results, MNKD has been on a relatively bullish trend. Yesterday, the stock died down a bit; opening a great entrance opportunity before climbing more today. Because of the underlying factors associated with MannKind’s growth in the market, this uptrend is likely to last for the long run. So, if you’re not already in, consider looking for pull backs as opportunities to find your way into the gains!

Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company Stock Is Down…Not For Long!

Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company Inc (NYSEMKT: AXN)

Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company had an incredible day on Monday. After announcing that they would be providing important company updates at the New York Stock Exchange on Saturday, the stock rallied at the open of the market for the week. However, the NYSE presentation happened yesterday; and following the news, we’ve seen declines. Nonetheless, I don’t think that the declines are likely to last very long. So, this is another one that’s worth watching…when the uptrends start, they’re not likely to stop any time soon. So, look for support for an opportunity to take advantage of the trend.

IsoRay Stock Reaches Support…A Run May Be Coming Soon

IsoRay, Inc. (NYSEMKT: ISR)

Finally, we have IsoRay; a company that I’ve chatted about quite a bit. After showing that their cancer treatment had the same effect as mainstream treatments with less side effects and harm to friends, family, and caregivers, IsoRay stock climbed on May 20th. However, on May 21st, Adam Feuerstein wrote a peer review, bashing the company’s results. While the review was baseless and misleading, investors sold off quickly. However, I’d like to remind everyone that there is tons of value in Cesium-131; and since ISR is trading so low, this may just be the perfect time to get in on the long term gains that are to come. Keep in mind that the stock is very close to support at the moment as well; so, I’m expecting to see the uptrend start relatively soon.

Do You Know Of Any Others?

Do you know of any other biotech stocks that are presenting opportunities? If so, let us know in the comments below!


  1. Medifocus owns many patents on medical technologies throughout the world…including one of the most cutting edge treatments for BPH…a condition that most men WILL suffer at some point in their lives. A noninvasive treatment versus a drug…I would choose any day. MDFZF.
    Mast Therapeutics is in phase 3 with a drug for the not so sexy disease, sickle cell anemia. Lucky, though, the same drug is quite promising for coronary disease. MSTX.
    Both companies have great promise, both have very slow moving stocks.
    Both are strong buys in my book.


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