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Hottest Healthcare StocksHealthcare’s Hottest Stock Today – ABIOMED, Inc. (NASDAQ: ABMD)

ABIOMED investors are having a great day today as the stock has reached a new lifetime high. I expect to see this stock continuing to rise as analysts continue to reaffirm their positive ratings of ABMD. Today, the stock grew by $11.05 per share or 17.99%; closing the day off at $72.48.

Healthcare’s Second Hottest Stock Today – BG Medicine, Inc. (NASDAQ: BGMD)

BG Medicine’s stocks continued their strong uptrends today. As a matter of fact, it was one of the fastest moving stocks yesterday as well. However, when searching for a reason for the rise, it doesn’t seem like any major underlying news has surfaced; so, this is all volume based movement. If you do know of any big news about the stock, please let me know in the comments below. Nonetheless, BGMD closed the day off at $0.92 per share today after a gain of $0.12 per share or 14.96%.

Healthcare’s Third Hottest Stock Today – IsoRay, Inc. (NYSEMKT: ISR)

Following the news that IsoRay’s Cesium-131 compound was used to successfully treat gynecologic cancers, the company’s stock started to soar. By the end of the day, the stock reached $1.74 per share after a gain of 12.25% or $0.19 per share. With the positive news about the company’s cancer treatment being the cause for the growth, I think we may be seeing the start of long term uptrends.

Healthcare’s Fourth Hottest Stock Today – Coronado Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: CNDO)

After announcing the formation of a joint venture called Mustang Therapeutics, Coronado Biosciences stocks skyrocketed; gaining more than 60% yesterday. While the upward movement wasn’t quite as impressive today, the gains did continue. CNDO closed the day off at $4.28 per share after a gain of $0.34 per share or 8.63%.

Healthcare’s Fifth Hottest Stock Today – CytRx Corporation (NASDAQ: CYTR)

CytRx Corporation stocks are another one that I was able to pinpoint a strong uptrend in, but couldn’t quite figure out why it was happening. While the volume is there, I can’t seem to find any underlying news that’s cause for the change. So, if you’re in the know on this one please leave a comment below to let us know what’s going on. Nonetheless, the stock closed the day off at $3.51 per share after a gain of $0.20 per share or 6.04%

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