Help Support Our Troops This Holiday Season


Hey everyone, I usually don’t use CNA Finance for things like this. Ultimately, I usually keep it all business. However, this holiday season, things are different.

About 3 weeks ago, my Fiance’s Brother, Francisco Martinez was sent on Deployment to Afghanistan. Unfortunately, his first deployment, as with many he is with, means that he won’t see his family this holiday season. However, we do intend to make sure he knows he’s loved! We will be sending a care package.

Our goal is to send a package that will give a gift to each and every brother and sister that is fighting along side our brother. The only problem is that it gets very expensive to ship into a war zone. So, we are asking for your help!

First and foremost, if you know of any companies that ship donations to troops free of charge, please let us know in the comments. However, I’ve searched and I haven’t been able to find any. Nonetheless, there are several ways that you can get involved. Here are a few…

  • Send Your Own Gift To The Troops – There are several companies out there that will ship for you. Be prepared, Francisco’s mom sent the last package that included candy and energy drinks and came with a shipping cost of around $100. Nonetheless, if you would like to ship a package of your own to Francisco or simply to a random brother or sister that is fighting by his side, email and I will send you his address.
  • Donate Goods – If you are interested in buying an item for the troops, but don’t have the money for shipping, that’s OK too! We’ll do everything we can to ship it for you. Simply send an email to and we will give you a local, US address to send your gift to.
  • Donate Money – The truth is, I’m not a millionaire. I will have around $1,000 plus whatever donations I get to make this happen. Any donations that you make would be appreciated. However, I do have to let you know that I am doing this as a consumer, not as a foundation. I do not have a 501-C3. However, if you do donate money, we will be sending you a receipt after the holidays that lets you know exactly where your money went, what portion went to shipping other packages, what portion went to purchasing gifts. That will all depend on the responses we get from this! If you are interested in donating money, please email

Happy Holidays Everyone!

If you can’t help, don’t feel bad, it’s the holiday season. It’s time to spend time with your family, and there are several things you can do to make the holiday season better for the troops and veterans in your area. Sometimes, a simple handshake and a thank you goes far further than anything of monetary value could ever go!


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