Herborium Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:HBRM) Gaining Serious Ground, Setting Up Explosion

HRBM NewsIn today’s session, Herborium Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:HBRM) hit serious one-month highs of .0009 in today’s session, up some 50% at one point. The stock eventually closed off the session up 33.33% by .0002 cents to close at .0008. HBRM experienced some really nice volume in today’s action,  trading 140,225,659 shares by the close. The stock typically trades around 31M shares on a 10-day average and 62.1M on a 22 day average. No doubt the stock was certainly on fire today, hitting near record volume highs.

The stock had a range today of .0006-.0009 and closed yesterday’s session at .0006. The 52-week high on HBRM is .33 cents which was touched on February 27, 2014 and a 52-week low of .0003 which was tagged on December 26, 2014. All indicators are pointing to a strong upward surge at the moment. Going into today’s close we saw a nice wave of buy orders rush over the market. We would watch for this one to potentially move hard off the start of tomorrow’s session and/or during tomorrow’s session.

HBRM has a market cap. of 16K with 19.83M shares outstanding. The stock also has 17.7M shares in the float.

The stock witnessed some heavy trading and nice upward movement followed by a nice rush in buying at today’s close. HBRM is displaying a nice solid buying pattern and we will watch for this stock to strongly enter the .001’s tomorrow. Keep a heads up for a potential GAP up on the stock in the A.M. at the bell as well.

Herborium Group, Inc., provides natural and complementary healthcare related products to consumers and healthcare professionals seeking alternative answers to the management of healthcare issues not met by standard Western medicine. The Company’s products are botanical supplements consisting of herbal formulations, referred to as botanical therapeutics, established in China. The Dermatology group consists of AcnEase Oral, all natural Acne and Rosacea Treatment and AcnEase Skin Management System (Masks for Acne Marks/Scars). The Energy Restoration group consists of Energy Booster Lasting Energy, a Herbal Supplement for Energy, Jet-Lag and Hangover. The Sexual Health and Performance group consists of all natural herbal medicinal products targeting the improvement of male and female sexual health and performance. The Extended Product Pipeline group includeLiver Activator Series and Rheumatoid Arthritis Products.

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