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Biotech Stock News TodayGILD Stock Continues Recovery From Monday’s Fall

Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: GILD)

GILD stocks fell hard Monday; losing more than two percent as the company issued a warning to doctors treating their patients with Sovaldi in combination with antiarrhythmics. However, the slide stopped and the stock started to move in the positive direction. Today, it seems as though the stock is staying in the positive. Currently (11:21) Gilead Sciences is trading at $101.50 per share after a gain of 0.09% so far today.

Outlook – Gilead Sciences is not only a great company, they are the world’s leader in HIV and hepatitis C treatments. While the warning issued to doctors was a scare in the beginning, analysts aren’t expecting the warning to affect sales. Overall, this one should still grow at a decent pace over the long term.

RXI Pharmaceuticals Stock Continues Downtreds

RXI Pharmaceuticals Corp (NASDAQ: RXII)

On Monday, investors started dropping RXII stocks like a bad habit. Unfortunately, that sell off became more apparent with sharp losses yesterday; and today seems no different. Currently (11:26), RXII is trading for $0.84 per share after a loss of 6.30% so far today.

Outlook – This one seems to be a sinking ship. If you haven’t already started selling, now may just be a great time.

MannKind Stocks Fall On A Lower Target Price

MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD)

Following a slew of bad news over the past month, Jeffries has lowered MNKD stock’s target price to $9. As a result, we’re seeing a bit of a sell off today. So far (11:29), MannKind has lost 1.81% and is trading at $5.16.

Outlook – I’ve said it time and time again, I do believe that MannKind is a great company that’s in position for strong long term growth. While there are limitations that may slow the Afrezza marketing process, it’s important to understand that the company has created an insulin that’s liable to change the diabetes treatment market. Sure, we will see ups and downs, but in the long run you may be sorry for not buying this one while it’s down.

BG Medicine Stocks Are Falling Off Of Highs

BG Medicine, Inc. (NASDAQ: BGMD)

BG Medicine seems to be falling off of the volume based growth we’ve seen over the past two days; which makes a lot of sense since I couldn’t find an underlying reason for the growth in the first place. Currently (11:34), BGMD is trading at $0.88 per share after a loss so far of 4.47%.

Outlook – In this particular case, I think we’ll see more downtrends until the stock gets to the $0.80 to $0.84 mark. With little reason for the increase in the first place, I’ll have to take gravity’s side on this one.

Amarin Stocks Continue Falling

Amarin Corporation, PLC (ADR) (NASDAQ: AMRN)

Amarin stocks have been on a slick downtrend lately following impressive gains more than a week ago. However, I’m still not concerned. As with any small-cap biotech company, we’re going to see volatility here and there. Unfortunately, today is one of those days. Currently (11:38), AMRN is trading at $2.42 per share after a loss of 3.97% so far today.

Outlook – While I haven’t lost my faith in Amarin’s ability to grow just yet, I do have to say that the stock is testing my patients. I think it’s a strong opportunity for long term growth, but short term growth may be a hindrance.

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