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Stocks To Watch This WeekWill Apple (AAPL) Stocks Make A Recovery This Week?

While Apple (AAPL) is the largest company in the world, their business isn’t immune to mistakes. After a botched Spring Forward event last Monday, Apple (AAPL) stocks started to decline. Throughout the week, there were ups and downs as always; but for the most part, what we saw was downtrends. Throughout the week, Apple (AAPL) stocks lost around $5 per share and investors are hoping for a recovery this week. Will the recovery happen?

Outlook – Apple (AAPL) is a great company that in my opinion will definitely grow over the long run. However, I don’t think this is going to be a big week for the stock. With a bad taste already in the mouths of investors following Spring Forward and the poor performance last week, and concerns revolving the Federal Reserve’s current low interest rates taking center stage this week, I think Apple (AAPL) stocks will be in the red yet again. However, as I mentioned above, I do believe that Apple (AAPL) is a great company and their stocks are a great option for long term growth. With that said, this week may present a great buying opportunity.

Facebook (FB) Stocks Could Get A Good Push This Week

Facebook (FB) has definitely grown in popularity among investors and in value over the last few months. Following the news that the company has extended it’s advertising customer base greatly, and the recent positive Q4 earnings report, Facebook (FB) stocks have done incredibly well. However, the stock did end the week on the down beat along with most other tech stocks last week as fears continue to mount about what will come of the Federal Reserves mid-week meeting this week.

Outlook – While I’m not expecting to see massive growth from Facebook (FB) stocks this week, I am expecting to see slow growth, with the stock most likely ending the week in the green. While anticipation of the Federal Reserve’s statement will most likely be a drag on the market this week, Facebook (FB) is proving to be a company that’s growing in strength. With major concerns revolving the largest company in tech, Apple (AAPL), investors will most likely see Facebook (FB) as the more appealing choice at the given moment. So, the increased demand should offset the losses as a result of interest rate hike fears.

Will Zynga (ZNGA) Stocks Continue Rising On “Dawn of Titans”?

Following turbulent times in the market, Zynga (ZNGA) stocks have had a very strong month. Last week, the growth continued as the company released the latest game expected to be a smash hit, “Dawn of Titans”. While the stock did dip a bit toward the end of the week along with most of the tech space, overall, it seems as though investors are happy with what they’re seeing from the company as of late. The big question now is…Will the upward momentum continue?

Outlook – While Zynga (ZNGA) has struggled to gain momentum in recent months, they’ve shown over the past month that the company is getting back on track. At this point, I’m starting to regain my faith. While I’m still not 100% convinced that this is a good long-term option, I will be watching closely and expect that to change relatively soon.

BlackBerry (BBRY) Stocks Should Recover This Week

Last week, investors were taken by surprise when Goldman Sachs decided to downgrade BlackBerry (BBRY) stocks to a “Sell” rating. Upon quite a bit of research, the downgrade became even more interesting to me as I believe it was completely unfounded. Nonetheless, as we would generally expect, investors reacted to the downgrading with a swift sell off. As a result, BlackBerry (BBRY) stocks fell throughout the week. However, I think this week is going to be a completely different story.

Outlook – As I mentioned several times last week, BlackBerry (BBRY) is a great company and in my opinion, a great investment opportunity. In the middle of last week, we started to see a bit of a recovery, however, concerns over the Federal Reserve’s plans with regard to interest rates drug the stock down Friday with the rest of tech. While the anticipation and result of the Federal Reserve’s official statement is expected to be a drag on growth, I still think BlackBerry (BBRY) will end the week in the green as investors start to realize the tremendous buying opportunity the low cost stocks have become.

Plug Power (PLUG) Stocks Should Get Good Traction From Today’s Earnings Report

Plug Power (PLUG) stocks have had a bit of a rough time lately. However, I’m expecting that to change. Tomorrow, the company will be releasing their Q4 earnings report; and if it’s anything like analysts expect it to be, we’re going to see gains. Last week, the stock ended confused as to where to go, but with expectations for a strong earnings report, this week is slated to be great!

Outlook – As I mentioned above, experts are expecting to see great things from Plug Power (PLUG) in today’s earnings report. Because positive earnings generally cause positive momentum in the market, I’m expecting to see this one in the green throughout the week.

Will Amarin (AMRN) Stocks Continue Upward Trends This Week?

Last week proved to be an incredibly strong week for Amarin (AMRN) stocks. Following another upgrade of the stock from a well respected analyst, the stock gained more than 20% in value on both Thursday and Friday. Now, the question is whether or not the stock will continue the strong upward momentum or not.

Outlook – I don’t think the question here is whether or not the upward momentum will continue. After all, it would take very bad news to knock Amarin (AMRN) stocks off the pedestal they are currently on. In my opinion, the real question is “Will the inevitable growth continue at such a fast rate?”. I’ll keep you posted on the answer as we start to see movement.


It’s Time For A MannKind (MNKD) Stock Recovery

MannKind (MNKD) stocks have had a rough time in the market lately. Following a controversial downgrade from Goldman Sachs, the company’s stock has fallen dramatically recently. However, after researching the downgrade, this one seems to be unfounded as well. The downgrade was based on the launch of a diabetes drug that had very little time on the market before the analyst formed the poor opinion. Nonetheless, the new drug, Afrezza, has proven to be a miracle to those who have tried it so far; so there’s no question in my mind that the medication will gain traction. Outlook – In my opinion, MannKind (MNKD) is a stock that has strong potential for upward growth and very little potential for losses. The reality is that investors are starting to realize that the downgrade was founded on poor data, and that what MannKind (MNKD) has in Afrezza is truly valuable. With that said, I’m expecting to see a bit of a comeback this week. While we may not see massive growth, I would expect to see MannKind (MNKD) stocks end the week in the green.

Genetic Technologies (GENE) Stocks Should Grow As Dilution Concerns Die Down

Recently, Genetic Technologies (GENE) stock took a major hit in the market as share dilution due to fund raising took its toll on the stock. Nonetheless, the end of the week was relatively positive for Genetic Technologies (GENE) stocks; but, will dilution continue to take a toll on the stock this week? Outlook – I think the drop in value we’ve seen due to share dilution is over at this point. From here, the stock has the ability to grown on its own merit once again; and I think that’s exactly what we’ll see.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN) Stock Is Expected To Continue Climbing

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN) stocks have had a great time in the market over the past month, with impressive growth continuing through Friday. As a matter of fact, on Friday the company’s stock grew by $4.22 per share or 0.99%. Will we continue to see growth this week? Outlook – This is another one that I think we’ll see in the green throughout the week. While price volatility is a bit of a concern, through the peaks and valleys, we’re seeing uptrends on the horizons!

Will Acadia (ACAD) Stocks Recover?

Acadia (ACAD) investors were taken by surprise last week as the CEO of the company suddenly retired and the company delayed its new drug application with the FDA for its Parkinson’s disease treatment. As a result, the company’s stock plummeted toward the end of the week, ending the week off at $34.45 per share. Outlook – While it looks like the brunt of the decline has come to an end, I’m still a bit concerned about the direction of the company. There still hasn’t been any news revolving around the reason for the CEO’s sudden retirement, and I’m not too accepting of the “readiness” excuse for the NDA display. With that said, I don’t think we’re going to see much positive movement this week. What Do You Think?

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