Idera Pharmaceuticals (IDRA) Stock: Diamond In The Rough Or Lump Of Coal?

Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc IDRA Stock News

Idera Pharmaceuticals¬†(NASDAQ: IDRA) is a very interesting stock to watch. As far as price action goes, the value of the stock has seen some pretty dramatic rises and falls over the past year. However, the actual movement at the end here is pretty minimum. Today, the stock trades at $1.97 per share. That’s only a gain of $0.06 over the past year from the closing price of $1.91 one year ago. Nonetheless, as I dig further into the potential opportunity here, I become more and more interested. Today we’ll talk about:

  • What IDRA does;
  • the company’s pipeline and progress;
  • partnership programs currently in the works;
  • the risks associated with IDRA and others in the sector;
  • whether or not now is the time to get involved.

What Does IDRA Do?

Idera Pharmaceuticals is no spring chicken. In fact, the company’s story started about two decades ago as the result of the work of the company’s leading scientist and founder, Sudhir Agrawal. The company is focused on the treatment of various cancers as well as other rare and life-threatening condition.

Ultimately, the company is working to bring more targeted therapies to the market to combat these debilitating conditions. The company is using the research of Dr. Agrawal and his brainchild, nucleic acid science to develop treatments to some of the world’s most hard hitting medical conditions.

Pipeline And Progress

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