Idera Pharmaceuticals (IDRA) Stock: Diamond In The Rough Or Lump Of Coal?

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IDRA breaks their pipeline up into four categories on their investor relations website. These categories include Immuno-Oncology, Rare Diseases, Partnered Programs, and Partnership Opportunities – Idera-Sponsored Clinical Development. Here’s what’s going on in each of them:


In the Immuno-Onology space, IDRA currently has four programs in the works. These programs are all based on the TLR9 Agonist method of action. At the moment, the company is working on the ILLUMINATE 204 – IPI Phase 2 combination trial, the ILLUMINATE 204-PD1 Phase 1 combination trial, the ILLUMINATE 101 Phase 1 clinical trial, and perhaps most importantly, the ILLUMINATE 301 PivotalĀ  trial.

In each of these trials, the company is assessing their lead candidate, IMO-2125. The drug has proven to be effective in the treatment of metastatic melanoma according to various data releases thus far. Considering the strong data surrounding IMO-2125 thus far, this treatment could be the first of IDRA products to make it to commercial availability.

Rare Diseases

On the rare diseases side of the coin, Idera Pharmaceuticals is in the process of developing a treatment known as IMO-8400. The treatment is designed for a rare disease with a high unmet clinical need, known as dermatomyositis. The company is in the process of advancing the treatment in Phase 2 clinical trials. On the company’s IR website, IDRA says that it is expecting for data to be available for the Phase 2 clinical trial in the first half of 2018. Since we’re already about half way through the first half, a catalyst is on the horizons.

IDRA is also working on a treatment for Familial Chylomicronemia Syndrome, also known as FCS and Familial Partial Lipodystrophy, also known as FPL. At the moment, the treatment for these ailments is in the discovery process. At the moment, the company is looking into gene slicing oligonucleotides, also known as GSOs, as a novel technology to treat the rare diseases mentioned above.

Partnered Programs

On the partnerships side, Idera Pharmaceuticals has two partner programs in the works. First and foremost, the company is working with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) with the goal of using a 3GA mechanism of action to combat renal disease. The company is also working with Vivelix on the clinical candidate, IMO-9200. The goal of this program is to treat autoimmune diseases.

Considering The Risks


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