Inovio Pharmaceuticals (INO) Climbs On HPV Treatment


Inovio Pharmaceuticals Stock NewsInovio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: INO)

Inovio Pharmaceuticals stock spiked this morning due to new data revolving around a new treatment they’ve been working on. The treatment is designed to treat patients suffering from HPV and has shown some pretty impressive results. Today, we’ll talk about the results INO announced early today, how the company’s stock reacted, and what we can expect moving forward. So, lets get right to it…

The Results Of The Inovio Pharmaceuticals HPV Treatment Testing

It is important to remember that the data released today was preliminary data. Nonetheless, the data showed that Inovio Pharmaceuticals’ INO-3112 DNA-based immunotherapy generated a strong CD8+ T cell response in most patients with head and neck cancer associated with HPV types 16 and 18. The data released are T cell measurements from the four patents the treatment was tested on; 3 of whom had incredibly positive responses.

How The Market Reacted To INO News

As you would imagine, INO saw a nice spike in morning trading today following the positive news. However, after climbing more than 6% in morning trading, we saw a slight correction that brought the growth down to a more natural pace. So far (11:30), INO is trading at $9.99 per share after a gain of 2.79%.

What We Can Expect Moving Forward

Although I haven’t been a huge fan of INO in the past, that is changing. The reality is that HPV affects a large amount of people around the world, and if this data proves to be correct after required clinical trials, it will be an amazing leap in the treatment of the virus. With that said, I’ll be watching closely for updates on the new treatment as it may send INO stock soaring in the long run.

What Do You Think?

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