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Hey everyone, a couple of weeks back, I wrote a post titled “Is It Possible To Have A Career In Binary Options Trading?” where I discussed what binary options were and my views on trading them as a career. Although I didn’t get too many comments on the post, most of the comments showed me that tons of those in the personal finance community really don’t know much about what binary options are, how they work, who the best binary options brokers are and more. So, today, I introduce to you the CNA Finance, Binary Options Corner. So, let’s talk about what the Binary Options Corner is and what you, my loving, caring, awesome audience can expect from the new column!

What Got Me Into Binary Options Trading

Like DC @ Young Adult Money, I get a real thrill out of being able to find data and manipulate things around that data that allow you to make money. Essentially, that’s what you need to do in order to be successful in binary options trading. So, throughout the past 3 or 4 years, I’ve been looking into it on and off, but never really had the courage to put my plan into action with real dollars (I used a ton of virtual dollars, and made a ton of virtual dollars in demo accounts though).

A while ago, I was contacted by a blogger friend that asked if I’d be willing to write for a binary options broker on a regular basis….of course I would! As I now was getting paid to research binary options, and honestly enjoyed it, my mind went into overdrive. I decided it was finally time to throw a few bucks at the wall and see if a few more jump back at me. I did, and guess what…I made money. Not a ton at first, after accounting for out of the money trades, I earned about 11% returns; but that was 11% in one day! Anyway, we’ll talk more about my binary options experiences later on in the column…this is meant to be an introduction….OK, no where were we….Oh yea..

What You Can Expect From The CNA Finance Binary Options Corner

  • Beginner Binary Options Trading Information – In the beginner posts, we’ll talk about what binary options are and the intricate details of how they work. We’ll also discuss the different types of trades, go over the lingo you’ll need to learn to be a successful trader, and discuss basic mistakes beginners tend to make and how you can avoid them (Including several mistakes I’ve made personally).
  • Advanced Binary Options Trading Information – Once you learn the basics, you’re going to want to start learning about risk management techniques, leading market indicators, loss exposure management strategies, and more. So, we’ll definitely be covering these topics in the Binary Options Corner.
  • Honest Binary Options Broker Reviews – Over the past year, I’ve been hired by several websites asking me to write reviews. Unfortunately, most of these websites are powered by the profits they earn when consumers sign up. So, when the reviews are published, they generally edit the negative out. It’s incredibly frustrating because the binary options industry is highly unregulated. So, there are unfortunately a ton of bad brokers out there. With that said, when you read a binary options broker review at CNA Finance, I promise I won’t hold any punches; and I’ll warn you about shady brokers like Banc De Binary.
  • Asset News – I’m going to do my best to write at least one news article per day about assets commonly traded in the binary options arena. As you’ll learn through the beginner and advanced training that I plan to provide, following news trends is a great way to score big in the binary options market. So, I’ll do the research and find the predictable assets, and all you’ll need to do is swing by each day to see what the big news in the market is!

I’m Jumping With Joy

For the past several months, I’ve been trying to think of something I could do that would set CNA Finance apart from all the other personal finance blogs out there. You know, something to give my blog more personality, to give my audience a reason to keep coming back, and to bring excitement back into the world of finance. I really think this column is going to be it. After all, all of my frugal friends want to make more money; and find out of the box ways to do it. I’ve made a decent amount of money trading options at this point; so, i figured it’s time for you to join me in the profits!

Reader Question

Have you ever traded binary options, or considered trading binary options in the past? Also, I’d like to make sure this column answers any questions you may have. So, is there anything in particular about binary options you’d like to learn?

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  1. This is an interesting topic. I appreciate you not editing out any of your negative thoughts! Seems like this series has the potential to be one of the (if not only) honest representation of the trade. 11% is one day is pretty grand! I don’t know enough at this point to ask any intelligent questions, so I’ll hold off until I know more of the basics.

  2. The key benefit associated with making use of binary option signals is that you don’t have to focus on analyzing the markets by yourself. A further benefit is that digital contracts are ‘set and forget’. As you can see this makes them a very time efficient way in which to trade a binary account.


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