IsoRay (ISR) Stock Looks To The Sky | Adam Feuerstein’s Big Miss!

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IsoRay is an incredible company that has proven to be innovative in the cancer treatment space. As a matter of fact, after releasing data with regard to the effectiveness of Cesium-131 last week, the company’s stock climbed. However, there seems to be one issue (blatantly unfounded issue I should say) that the company’s stock is facing. That issue’s name is Adam Feuerstein. Following the press release that announced the positive results, Mr. Feuerstein wrote his own peer review of the company; bashing their findings every step of the way. Personally, I think that Mr. Feuerstein is either not feeling well and it’s affecting his judgment or he’s making a blatant attempt to push the stock down for personal reasons. The bottom line is that the man is very smart, but somehow, he missed key data when he released his horribly misleading review of IsoRay and Cesium-131.

Why Adam Feuerstein Couldn’t Be More Wrong!

AF attacked IsoRay stating that the company’s press release was misleading. He explained in his post that the results of Cesium-131 study aren’t anything special (I beg to differ, but we’ll talk about that later.). Any way, he explained that the 100% survival rate after 5 years is only 2% over the industry average; a clinically irrelevant difference. While I agree that 2% isn’t a huge difference, I would imagine it would be relevant to patients. However, there’s more to the big picture that Adam Feuerstein is leaving out!

AF Leaves Crucial Data Out Of His Peer Review Of ISR

Essentially, Mr. Feuerstein’s attack focused on survival and success rates, which are in line with what we already have. However, what he fails mention is the treatments that Cesium-131 is being compared to and why the results are so phenomenal. The standard procedure with regard to lung cancer is months of chemo therapy and radiation treatments. There are a few inherent problems with these treatments…

  1. Side Effects – As with most Americans, I have family members that have had cancer. One who beat the disease and two that unfortunately passed away. Through watching them, I learned how horrible chemo and radiation really are. Throughout the months of treatment, patients find themselves incredibly weak, unable to hold food and water down. As a matter of fact, the radiation caused the skin to start blistering and peeling off of one of my family member’s face during treatment. The bottom line is that when we talk about chemo and radiation, we’re talking about a horrible poison; and if it’s the only choice, it’s worth it. However, it doesn’t seem to be the only choice for many anymore!!!
  2. Effects On Family & Friends – Another thing to keep in mind is that under standard treatments, Iodine-125 and other isotopes are used. Unfortunately, these generally have a radioactive half-life of 6 to 9 months. Meaning that the treatment can prove to become harmful to friends and family that spend a significant amount of time with the patient.
  3. Length Of Treatment – When undergoing chemo therapy and radiation, patients will have to undergo treatment for months; getting sicker and sicker each step of the way.

However, IsoRay’s Cesium-131 doesn’t come with these problems! Here’s how it’s different…

  1. Side Effects – While cesium-131, like all major medications in my opinion, is a poison and does have side effects, those side effects are nowhere near as extreme as what’s seen as the result of chemo therapy and radiation treatments.
  2. Effects On Family & Friends – Another key factor is that Cesium-131 uses an isotope that is not likely to harm people who spend substantial amounts of time around the patient. That’s because the half life of the isotope used in Cesium-131 is only 6 to 9 days!
  3. Length Of Treatment – While those being treated through the use of chemo and radiation will have to endure months of treatments, Cesium-131 is a one time treatment; allowing patients to get it out of the way and move on with their lives.

With all of that being said, what Adam Feuerstein seems to be missing in his peer review of Cesium-131 is simple…LOGIC. IsoRay didn’t come out and say “we have a more effective treatment”, they said “we have a better alternative”. And in all reality, that statement is very true! Cesium-131 is a far better alternative to chemo therapy and radiation!

What Do You Think?

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3 thoughts on “IsoRay (ISR) Stock Looks To The Sky | Adam Feuerstein’s Big Miss!”

  1. I am a cancer survivor…. they gave me adjuvant chemothapy to give me another2% benefit. If that was good enough for the esteemed Julia Smith of nyu and Columbia but not for Adam let him try chemotherapy and radiation just for fun

  2. Joshua, why don’t you grow some hairy, fire burning balls and say it like it is for what AF did was criminal rather than just bullshit that he was simply ‘wrong’?

  3. I personally have read the reviews and the press release and do not agree with the AF opinion, not even close.

    This investor AF, this guy has to be shorting it for himself or a group that funds him, and It seems the attorneys with their opinions ( PROBABLY A GROUP OF AF CRONIES) are jumping on the Band Wagon with no wheels OR instruments to help cover their short positions and buy at this price before it really runs up when more Peer reviewed studies are reported. They should be charged criminally for frivolous accusations and pay for the dive they caused.

    Cesium-131 and ISR did nothing but report what Weill Cornell University and many other Drs and research facilities seem to be proving, time and time again… that ISR and the Cesium-131 are a much SAFER to Drs/patients and caregivers, and less physically detrimental to the patient killing this horrible disease.

    So quit trying to short the stock and make profits on negative BS and do something POSITIVE for those who need help and an answer to a serious problem.

    BTW- AF and attorneys, We all know Opinions are like assholes and everybody has one… now you have mine.


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