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IsoRay ISR Stock NewsIsoRay, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISR)

IsoRay, has had an interesting week in the market thus far. After announcing that Cesium-131 was indeed effective in the treatment of cancer, the company went under attack by Adam Feuerstein; who discredited their press release and drove the stock price down. However, I’ve said a few times since then that I still have faith in IsoRay and that Adam Feuerstein missed a few key points in his peer review of the company. Now the only question is, “When will we start seeing gains again? Today, we’ll talk about the results of Cesium-131 and what Adama Feuerstein seems to have left out of his review. Also, we’ll talk about what I think we’re going to see from ISR moving forward both in the short and long run. So, let’s get right to it.

Positive Cesium-131 Data From ISR

Last week, IsoRay published a press release that announced the effectiveness of Cesium-131 in non-small cell lung cancer; and the data was overwhelmingly positive. Localization was successful in 96% of the patients while the 5 year survival rate was at 100%; proving that Cesium-131 is indeed effective in treating the ailment.

Adam Feuerstein Attacks IsoRay

The day after the ISR press release Adam Feuerstein published a peer review of the company and Cesium-131; essentially downplaying the positive news. In his peer review, Feuerstein explained that Cesium-131 is effective, but no more effective than the standard care that cancer patients receive at the moment. However, he missed a big point…

The Current Care Is Dreadful!

The major fact that Feuerstein seems to have left out of his peer review is that the care he is comparing to IsoRay’s Cesium-131 is a month’s long treatment including the use of chemo therapy and radiation. Not only does this treatment have extremely severe side effects, it also threatens the patient’s friends, family members, and caregivers. That’s because the radioactive isotopes used in current treatments have a half-life of 6 to 9 months. So, cancer patients under treatment are essentially radioactive; which could lead to harm for those who spend time with the patient.

Cesium-131 Combats The Major Issues Associated With Current Care

With Cesium-131, the three major issues associated with the current care plan for non-small cell lung cancer patient are all solved problems when we look at Cesium-131…

  1. Length Of Treatment – Instead of a month’s long treatment plan, Cesium-131 is only administered once.
  2. Side Effects – While Cesium-131 does have side effects, there are nowhere near as horrid as those we see in the chemo/radiation mix.
  3. Family, Friends, and Caregivers – Finally, the radioactive isotope in Cesium-131 only has a days long half-life; meaning that friends, family, and caregivers that spend time with the patient are not in danger.

So, while Feuerstein was right about the fact that Cesium-131 is as effective as current treatments, not more effective, he was wrong in leaving out the primary reasons that Cesium-131 is likely to succeed.

When Will ISR Start To Climb Again?

This is the million dollar question my friends; and I have to admit, I have no crystal ball, nor can I tell the future. With that said, I can’t give you a date or even a date range. However, I can say that I do expect the stock to start popping back up sooner rather than later.

What Do You Think?

When do you think ISR will start to climb again? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!


  1. In my opinion I think ISR should release a public statement to clear up this confusion? Also if everything Is legit ADAM should be held responsible for a lot of people’s money and ISR stock? Just because he’s well known I don’t think anyone should be a loud to throw around their weight costing people millions!!! End result Adam should be held fully responsible and maybe some jail time should help, ps I lost a lot of money.

  2. I agree with Duane that IsoRay should release a rebuttal regarding the assertion by Mr. Feuerstein. If in fact the treatment is more effective and Mr. Feuerstein is incorrect, he has caused a great deal of harm to not only IsoRay, but also to the shareholders. I also have lost a lot on money on this stock and based my purchase on that very press release.

    • Hey Ed, I’m not saying that Feuerstein is wrong…for the most part, what he published was true. It’s what he didn’t publish that you have to pay attention to. Cesium 131 is as effective as standard treatment; the difference is indeed clinically irrelevant there. What he’s missing is the fact that when you compare Cesium 131 to today’s months long chemo and radiation treatments, the benefits of Cesium 131 are clear. No harm to friends, family, and care givers, only one treatment, less severe side effects, incredibly short radioactive half life…none of these things were mentioned in Feuerstein’s peer review!

      • Joshua, there also has been an effort by Adam not to practice what he preaches. I’m talking about his article’s timing. He responded to comments in a follow up article where he talks about a few other tickers too. As usual he brushes off rude comments (as he should) but conveniently uses this as a distraction from respond to any civil or fair questions. He speaks to another ticker in the article saying he doesn’t “generally write about short-term volatility”. He says he lets time pass before he grades his work. What does this all mean? Well, he sure went out of his way to speak to infer a pump was going on in the ISR camp. Again this guy answers to no one but yet can influence a lot, which one can imagine his contacts and their influence on him. As I have followed ISR for a couple years, more and more investors complained about the lack of any sales/revenues or at least seeing any aggressive direction from management, which is a fair question. Some don’t understand that even if study results are perfect there will still be resistance from those who stand to lose. So here we have Adam doing what I would call carelessly talking out loud, showing he is guilty of exactly what he accuses ISR of. In his article he describes them of “lazy” which is baseless but might help fit in his narrative of ISR. He can twist the story based on a hunch and now every law firm wants to go fishing. Is it just me or has anyone else ever seen so many law firms pursue one company. And for his sloppy guessing Adam really needs to apply for White House correspondent at one of the failing alphabet channels.

  3. I believe AF was a fool to print a total misinterpretation of ISR’s lung study. He is in effect causing a back lash and should be the subject of intense investigations as he seems more criminal with the same law firms following him and likely benefiting from kick backs. When I talked one of the lawyers investigating, I was told there was really nothing ISR did wrong and AF’s article was a far flung accusation which was not worth pursuing. I however did not see anything wrong with the ISR press release and think the lawsuits with hurt the lawyer’s attempt to “ambulance chase” more than anything permanent to ISR. Reputation is everything and AF is proving to be manipulating the market!


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