John Hancock: Manager of Managers

In John Hancock’s new ad campaign, they have a string of investment professionals speaking of their passion and obsession for providing their clients with the investment advice. Thinking this is the end of the ad, the viewer prepares for the video or article that comes after this simple message. But then John Hancock throws in a little twist. Each investment talking head then says that they’re glad they someone who’s in their corner the same way that they are for their own customers. John Hancock is where investment professionals go for their investment advice.

This is the essence of the John Hancock campaign, and has been for some time. John Hancock emphasizes an elite kind of investment advice, one which searches out investment opportunities from around the world and provides them to a very high level of client. With investment, there’s no summit, but it gets harder and harder to climb as investors increase their ability and earnings. As investors become masters at their craft, it’s important to employ a team of experts who work with their interests in mind. It’s why Warren Buffett sits down at a large table of colleagues and proteges whenever he has a big decision to make, in addition to his own personal research and reading.

This is the sort of dynamic that a John Hancock investment specialist (or specialists) offers to their clients. As an expansive network of investment knowledge and prowess, John Hancock extends a world of insight to the qualified customer. Their Manager of Managers approach provides layers of accountability and experience which will prove valuable to investors at the top of their game. If you feel that your investing is strong, but that it has plateaued, John Hancock has the size, scope, and muscle to take your portfolio to the next level.


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