Junior Exploration Stock Primed to Be Acquired

Have you ever heard of John Zang? Well, I met him and he is the Chief Executive Officer of the Morro Bay Resources Ltd. At first we spoke about gold and silver in a rather nonchalant manner, but then he soon started talking about the inner workings of his company, his team management process as well the way each project progresses through different stages. But company he works for became something I wanted to learn more about. Everything he had told me were the hallmarks of a successful company. Was he really as successful as he sounded?

Well, John was no rookie, as I found out later. He’d been in this game for long enough; needless to say, he knew the industry inside out. To add to it, he had a certain passion and talent for this kind of work. Moreover, he had all the right kind of connections and skills required to create a successful company. He’d been working either as a director or an officer in junior companies for fifteen years. John has a knack in finding companies in a position for strong growth and he gets involved when the time is right when possible. His track record is strong with most of the companies he gets involved with have provided five times return on investment for shareholders over a three-year period.

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The real secret behind John’s success is not just his talent, skills or connections; overriding all of them is his effective management style, an art at which very few people are good at. Now let me tell you a little bit about his company.

His company, Morro Bay, is new. I have analyzed their stock position and found that their share price high is only 11 cents. Because very few shares changed hands since they become public I do not feel there will be much overhead resistance for share price to run into.

Their previous exploration drilling rounds have been a roaring success proving they own resource-rich property. I expect the same results to happen on this final drilling round this summer will simply add more ounces to their large reserves in the ground already.


I personally own shares of this company

To the active investor Morro Bay is offering an exceptionally favorable business opportunity. They are jumpstarting a private placement opportunity, which comprises of one common share purchase and one warrant share. They aim to raise about $1,500,000 USD through this process.

In case you are wondering about the meaning of words such as ‘private placement’ or ‘warrant’, I will explain everything to you in greater detail. Participation in a private placement makes the investors essentially pay for all the expenses, including operational expenses as well as expenses which occur during the drilling round, in lieu of which investors get shares at a very nominal value – much less than the prevailing market price. If that is not enough for you, the ‘warrant’ ensures that you are able to buy the equal amount of shares again shares at the specified warrant rate of 6 cents if the price of shares rally over the next couple years.

If the private placement sounds like something you want to take part in, let me know by email and I will send you to the proper representative to speak with at Morro Bay: [email protected]

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Chris Vermeulen

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