Lack Of Determination | Why Most Bloggers Fail #6


Hey everyone, as always, thank you for showing so much support for my “Why Most Bloggers Fail” series. It really is inspiring to read the comments and emails I’ve been getting in response to this. Also, I know today’s post is late. Usually this series publishes on Friday, but I was out of town for our great country’s independence day! I’ll tell you all about it below. Before we get into that, I’ve got an award to give!

This Week’s Personal Finance MVP!

In the last “Why Most Bloggers Fail” edition, I introduced a new award called the CNA Finance Personal Finance MVP award! Today’s award is an incredibly special one to me because it’s the first every “reader’s choice” award, as I personally picked the winner of the last one. So, I bet you’re wondering “Who won?”. Well, a ton of votes came in and the winner is….drum roll please….Laurie from The frugal Farmer! Laurie is one of my idols in the world of blogging; so, she obviously runs an awesome blog. To learn more about Laurie and The Frugal Farmer, visit the “CNA Finance Hall of Fame“! CONGRATS LAURIE, YOU ROCK! Now, onto today’s lesson…

Do You Have The Determination It Takes To Succeed?

When I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Like I’ve said in the past, what I thought I was signing up for was writing a couple of posts a week and making a killing with very little effort. If you’re a blogger, you know that I had this completely wrong. To be honest, running a great blog takes a ton of work! To put it simply, that’s something I wasn’t originally prepared for. However, I’m lucky enough to be determined; which is one of the key reasons I believe I’m a successful blogger.

As a blogger, you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone, to work when you don’t want to work, to work where you don’t want to work, and to do whatever it takes to make your audience want to come back. Here are a few things I’ve done to make my blog successful that have caused my friends to call me the “crazy working machine”…

  • I Love My Blog, And It Loves Me Back – No matter what day of the week it is, whether it’s a holiday or not, or what time of day it is, I show love to my blog and my readers. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember a Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday, or any other holiday that I haven’t at least tried to respond to comments on before Ana tells me it’s time to put my laptop down.
  • Camp Working – As I mentioned above, Nick (my business partner), Ana, and I all went on a camping trip for July 4th. We had a blast! We did rock climbing, swimming, hiking, and more. Another thing I did while I was out in the woods is write. As a matter of fact, as I write this, I’m sitting on a big rock right next to the campfire. Soon, I’ll be enjoying a roasted marshmallow!
  • Relationship Building – Although this may not seem like something that takes determination from the outside, it really is. To be honest, I’ve got a close personal relationship with 11 bloggers, and an acquaintance type of relationship with probably more than 50. Building and maintaining those relationships takes time, but is well worth it in the long run. Aside from the fact that these connections help make my blog more successful, who doesn’t like making friends? I’d say the time I’ve spent getting to know my fellow blogger has been time well spent.

Well, that’s about it for today’s lesson, I’m going to keep this one short and sweet so I can go back to camping!

This Week’s Personal Finance MVP Nominees!

Debt Debs – First off, I want to apologize to Debt Debs. I’m actually a pretty new follower of her blog; reading religiously for about 2 or 3 months now. She’s done great work over there which is what made me think she’d been around for quite some time. So, I put her up against DC and Laurie last week with the mindset that everyone had an equal opportunity to win. Well, I was wrong. She’s actually a pretty new blogger. Although her readership isn’t huge yet, I’m sure it will be son. Another thing I’m absolutely positive about is the fact that she deserves a fair chance to become part of the CNA Finance Hall of Fame! So, if you’re a Debt Debs fan, make sure to vote for her!

Shoeaholic No More – This is another blog that I’ve started following recently. I really like the personal approach my new ex-shoeaholic friend takes in her posts. Shoeaholic No More is a fun, quirky blog that definitely deserves recognition.

Practical Cents – I really enjoy the Practical Cents blog Raquel has put together. She’s another blogger that brings ton of fun to the world of personal finance! Good luck Raquel!

To place your vote, leave a comment below or send an email to letting me know who you think should be the MVP!

Reader Question

What are some things you do that can be seen as a display of your determination to succeed?


  1. Thank you, Josh, for throwing my hat in the ring again. I follow both Kayla and Raquel’s blogs too. Both great blogs and definitely worth checking out. Kayla and I do some cross mentoring, so I’m happy to see her called out. Congratulations to Laurie! 🙂

    • Cross mentoring is an awesome idea…and my pleasure! I didn’t realize I wasn’t giving you a fair shake in the last run…you deserve it!

    • Hey Natalie, it definitely shows that you love your blog…the work is well worth it in my opinion too! Thanks for swinging by!

  2. Awww, thanks so much, Joshua, and a heartfelt thanks to all who voted for our blog – I really and truly am grateful! I have to say, though, that I can’t vote this week: you’ve picked 3 of my very fave new bloggers!!! Readers, I’ll leave this up to you. 🙂

  3. I have so many people start blogging then subsequently quit. It can be hard to put so much time into something where there are no early results and little feedback. You have to stick with it!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I remember when I started blogging, I kept thinking, I’m writing all these articles and no one’s reading them. Once you get over that hump though, everything starts to turn out great!

  4. Congratulations, Laurie! Not only am I a fan of Laurie, I’m also the president of her fan club! =) I think you nailed it when it comes to blogger/reader relationship. Thank you!

  5. Another great post in the series! I think building relationships with other bloggers is key. If you aren’t going to take the time to leave genuine comments, then you really shouldn’t bother. I don’t think a lot of new bloggers realize how crucial it is to make a genuine effort to connect, and to avoid having it be a one-sided thing. Don’t latch onto bigger bloggers hoping for a boost from them, rather, take a real interest in their work!

    Also, my MVP vote goes to Debt Debs 😀

    • Hey Lauren, thanks so much for such an intuitive comment! When I was a new blogger, I really didn’t understand a lot of the relationship building aspect. I was definitely a leach! However, I’ve learned quite a bit over the years thanks to people like Laurie, DC, and Jeremy. Thanks for your vote too! See ya around!

  6. Congrats Laurie!! And to the new nominees!! Like most bloggers, I started my blog thinking it would be a fun diary of sorts and quickly saw that it was getting me nowhere. I remember reading a blog post in December about someone who had goals for her blog and I thought that that was a good idea for me too. Since January, I have actively worked on my blog to the point that my hubby wonders if it’s my full time job (which it has not), but I have enjoyed so many benefits from the effort that it has been worth it.

    • Hey Shannon, I can definitely agree with that being the mindset in the beginning. I never thought blogging would take so much work. But, for some reason, I’ve become addicted to it…work just doesn’t seem like work anymore. Thanks for swinging by!

  7. Another great tip. It does take time to do all of the work a blog requires. It’s a struggle sometimes to keep up and I always feel bad when I don’t have the time to read all the great posts out there. I’ve been doing a lot more learning and development lately thanks to great bloggers who post many tips for free. You never stop learning when you have a blog. Thanks for sharing your great tips.

    Thanks for the nomination. I was not expecting it and I am humbled. My vote goes to Deb.

    • Hey Raquel, it is amazing how much we learn as bloggers! I’m glad you enjoyed the tip! Debt Debs is in the lead so far!

  8. Determination is key. That is true. But you also have to really enjoy what you are doing. You have to get some kind of positive emotional feedback, I think, otherwise your determination will falter. You can’t keep at doing something really tough to do, like keep up a blog, with just determination alone.

    • Hey Brad, I couldn’t agree more! Without love for your craft, determination will never exist! Thanks for swinging by!

    • Will, the marshmallow was to die for! I don’t like to set mine on fire, I like to slow cook them over the open fire. It takes a bit of time, but it’s well worth it!

  9. Great series, Josh. I started my blog on a bit of a whim and for practical reasons too. I had taken some web design classes so who better to “experiment” on than yourself? 🙂 At that time, I was really in love with food blogs, so that’s where I started. It is a lot of work and takes time to cultivate relationships – because you need to seek them out. It rarely happens the other way around. Sometimes I think the relationship building and maintaining takes up most of my time (thankfully, it’s also a lot of fun!). I see lots of people come and go too and it’s sad because some were really, really good. But it is time-consuming and so many people don’t realize it, even though EVERYONE says it. 🙂 You just don’t understand until you try. And Laurie rules!

    • Hey Tanya, it looks like your experiment is going great, I love it! I also find the relationship building to be a ton of fun! Thanks for swinging by!

    • Hey Melanie, I couldn’t agree more. Blogging is definitely, amazingly rewarding…and Laurie does rock! Thanks for swinging by!

  10. I think an ability to recover from failure is huge. We face so many in life and it can be easy to get beaten up over them. Recovering from failure takes grit and determination. Those who can put it behind them I find often succeed down the road.

  11. I just wrote a post similar to this yesterday. I have noticed a lot of bloggers disappear along the way. I think a lot of reasons go into why a blogger quits. Sometimes its a major life change that happens but lack of motivation probably has a lot to do with that as well.

  12. As someone who had a previous blog and recently came back to blogging sometimes life can really get in the way and you need some time off. Lack of motivation or desire certainly can explain why some bloggers decide to stop, whereas others, it is for more complex reasons. It takes a high level of commitment to run a blog that most of us have no idea of when we first start blogging!

  13. I really like this series – the information is so useful! I definitely underestimated how much time the whole blogging thing would take, but I also underestimated how much I would enjoy it. I think the key to sticking with it is genuinely liking the overall experience.

    PS – I can’t think of a better place to work than next to a campfire :).

  14. I think a lot of bloggers fail before they grow their blogs very big because they don’t expect blogging to be a lot of work, but in fact, to make a killing at it you have to work SO much harder than at a day job. I was surprised when I started blogging years ago that it was as much work as it is.


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