If you're a follower of CNA Finance, you already know this by now...Anyway, every morning, I start the day off by jumping around the blogosphere and reading posts from my fellow PF bloggers. It's actually my favorite part of the day; if I'm not careful, I could easily blow through half of my day reading. Anyway, in my morning reading yesterday I came across a post that I would have to say has been my favorite post this week. What's the post? News Flash: Giving Up Will NOT Help You Find A Job at Club Thrifty! As a matter of fact, you may have noticed it in the "Great Posts From Around The Blogosphere" section in my post yesterday about Sweetness. In the post, Holly explained that she wrote a stellar piece that was picked up by major sites like Yahoo! Small Business. She went on to explain that a ridiculous percentage of adults without jobs have given up on their search; and talked about some of the comments she received on the post. For instance, this one really got my attention...

“Adjust their (our) expectations? So I take a #$%$ part time retail job where the employer expects me to be on call 24/7 if they need me to come in, making it hard to schedule other job interviews (assuming I get one), or go to school to better myself, and then I get pigeonholed as someone who has no experience whatsoever, making it even harder to find a better job? No wonder so many people, like me, have pretty much given up on finding a decent job (you know, one where the employer respects your contributions and the work and the total job experience isn't completely degrading).”


My Pity Party Sense Is Tingling!

It really is unfortunate that a staggering amount of people feel this way. So, today, I'm going to break this comment down into parts, tell you what I think about it overall, and let you in on some things you can do when you start diving into a pool of self pity.

Breaking Down Erik's Comment About Finding A Job

Adjust their (our) expectations? So I take a #$%$ part time retail job where the employer expects me to be on call 24/7 if they need me to come in, making it hard to schedule other job interviews (assuming I get one)...
Absolutely! I've had to work in the middle of the night for minimum wage in the past. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely hated my job, I didn't feel like I made any money once I paid bills, and at times I felt like a monkey could do that menial tasks I was told to do; but you know what? Somehow the bills got paid! Any spare second I had, I found myself looking for other ways to make money. Eventually other openings came, and life just continued to get better. So yes, I agree with Holly, you may want to adjust your expectations.
...or go to school to better myself, and then I get pigeonholed as someone who has no experience whatsoever, making it even harder to find a better job?...
Really? Pigeonholed? I know it can be hard to find a job with no experience, but everyone either has to do that or live off of government subsidies for the rest of their lives. By furthering your education, when you do start your career, you've got the upper hand on your competition. As a business owner...I'd much rather hire an educated prospect than someone without a degree.
...No wonder so many people, like me, have pretty much given up on finding a decent job (you know, one where the employer respects your contributions and the work and the total job experience isn't completely degrading).
This is the part that really gets me...you've pretty much given up. Giving up doesn't mean that you were defeated. It means that you gave in, that you don't have the drive, the desire, the determination to make something of yourself. No matter where you are, or what your skills are, there are jobs out there for you. Sometimes you have to start at the bottom rung, work your way to the top; and do it all only to be kicked back down. It's hard, but you know what, if you work hard enough and keep a positive attitude; eventually you'll find yourself in a great, stable position.

What Have We Come To?

We are citizens of the United States of America. We are blessed to live in a country known as the land of opportunity! You know, the land where people leave their families, risk their lives, and risk their freedom to live on in the hopes of living the American Dream! We're not the type of citizens that stay down when we're knocked down no matter how many times it happens. We're not the type of people that roll up into a ball and hope that all of our problems will end; and the world will be given to us on a silver platter! No, we're the type of people that find opportunity. When we can't find low hanging fruit, we climb the tree...heck, sometimes we climb the tree just to prove we can! We are strong, we are proud, and most of all, unlike many of our fellow human beings, we have the opportunity to make something of ourselves. So, if you ever find yourself in the midst of a pity party again, stiffen up your upper lip, dry your tears, and remind yourself that here in the United States, the only thing holding you back is you! Photo Credit
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  1. I know a few that have given up job searching. I actually tried unsuccessfully being a coach and let them know the free time should be used for something productive on the way to a new job. It’s okay to have a pity party for a couple minutes cause that leads to acknowledging there is some problem. But, it’s on our own that we stay there.

    • Hey Jason, thanks for swinging by. I know a few that have given up as well. I give them tons of crap about it in a playful way when we see each other. Maybe I’ll be able to get them motivated one day. I also agree that short term pity parties are OK, but just completely giving up because it’s hard and throwing a long term party just isn’t a good idea! Thanks for your comment!

  2. I loved this post of Holly’s and couldn’t agree more. I have no sympathy for complaints about jobs and the job market. There are jobs, the problem is that people don’t want the jobs that are available. Sometimes you have to suck it up and do what you don’t like until what you like becomes an opportunity. For me, it took 13 years to find something I liked. Until that point, I worked my butt off to support my family.

    • I couldn’t agree more Shannon! Luckily, it didn’t take me 13 years, but it did take years to find something I enjoy doing…blogging!

  3. It makes me irate to hear that people literally think they shouldn’t have to put in the work to get work or get themselves a better lot in life. I’m not bragging, but I work my ass off trying to get in a position where I can afford to be even just a little complacent. If only everyone didn’t feel so entitled.

    • Ryan, I love this comment. It definitely gets under my skin when I see people that think they’re entitled. We are all about the Pursuit of happiness, and it’s a long one. But we have the opportunity to work for it! Thanks for swinging by!

  4. Unfortunately this Erik fellow sounds like one of those guys who only apply’s to jobs using those silly online applications. You gotta hustle if you want a good job!

    Pity party, indeed.

    And I know what you mean about reading blog posts for half a day! I’ve actually spent entire mornings bouncing around the blogosphere before!

    • I couldn’t agree more Will. As far as reading half the day, although I’m rushed the other half, those tend to be my best days! Thanks for swinging by!

  5. Two thoughts on this: first, let’s just say you can’t go on any job interviews or go back to school 24/7. If you bust your butt and show that you are a valuable employee, any smart employer is going to promote you or put you in a position that has more authority/less menial tasks. That job will most likely carry with it more standard hours that will allow you to go to school is you want. But even if it doesn’t you are still showing other prospective employers that you are a valuable employee.

    Second point, somewhere along the way, we forgot that we are granted life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The key in all of that is pursuit of happiness. Nothing is given to you. You have to work for it. You get to bust your butt and pursue happiness. I remember being a teenager and working jobs that absolutely sucked. My parents made me get a job as soon as I was legally allowed to. I even worked in a factory before college one summer that was awful. My Dad made me work there so I could see what my life would be like if I didn’t get a good education. The point is, most of us work crap jobs. You just have to dig your heels in and push through it.

    • Jon, thanks so much for your comment…

      “we forgot that we are granted life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”

      Isn’t that the truth! The pursuit is what it’s all about, if you’re not willing to chase and take what you want and need to be happy, you’re wasting this great gift our country has given us! Thanks for your comment!

  6. This is great. Yeah, I obviously agree with you here. You have to hustle if you want it, and you might have to work in a crappy job at the beginning. But your bad attitude will not help you find a job, so you probably need to fix that first.

    Thanks for the mention!

    • Hey Holly, I couldn’t tell you how many crappy jobs I’ve had to work in the past. But, I’m happy now! Nothing like good ole work ethic!

  7. This is what I was seeing when I worked as a retail manager for many years. My opinion, this is just my opinion. Some people just don’t want to work. They want things handed to them and with this amount of pay. They come to an interview with I don’t want to work nights nor work the weekends to retail.
    Another thing, tons of people that work retail are able to schedule interviews for other jobs. This sounds like an excuse to me NOT to work. Schedules on retails are done 3-4 weeks in advance and you don’t work 24/7. You can always request off or switch.
    The bad attitude and the entitlement that some people have when looking for a job is the reason why they don’t have a job.

    • I get a kick out of that too. I work as the owner of a marketing firm, blog, and more. When I see an applicant that limits time or abilities before even getting the job, it tells me they just don’t want to work. I think your opinion is the same as many of us!

  8. I remember being so upset when I read that comment originally on Holly’s post. Entitlement really is the problem over here. Sometimes, you have to work a job you absolutely hate as a stepping stone to your dream job! But some people just don’t want to be “inconvenienced” and would rather do nothing than do something that “sucks” but at least pays the bills and helps you gain experience.

    • Hey Lisa, I couldn’t agree more. Some mindsets need to change. Inconvenience is part of life. That doesn’t mean bills don’t need to be paid! Thanks for your comment!

  9. Wow…Just read Holly’s post at Club Thrifty and yours Joshua and I couldn’t agree more that you can’t give up. You have to somehow find the motivation to keep trying. Granted, I’ve never been unemployed in my life so I can’t relate but just thinking about giving up would make me mad. No one said life would be a bowl of cherries, sometimes you gotta do what you have to in order to survive. Sure, it might not be on your bucket list to be a barista at Starbucks but stop being so damned selfish and whiny and just do it. Does no one realize that if you take that part time job, do your awesomest at it, that it might make someone in corporate take a second look and boom there’s your fancy corporate job you were waiting for? Or better yet, a customer walks in the door, is extremely pleased with how well you do that part time job and they either randomly pay it forward and hand you $500 or offer you a job. Why does no one think this way? There’s too much doom and gloom out there and everyone has to stop riding that band wagon.

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