How to Maintain Your Car as a Valuable Investment


Many people don’t realize it, but your car is actually an investment and a fairly large one at that. You spend thousands of dollars and more each month, so it’s only right that you maintain and take care of the car, no matter what type or condition. You may not be thinking about selling your car right now, but down the road when you want that shiny new Tesla you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t get regular oil changes and keep the car clean and running smoothly.

Keeping it Clean

First rule of thumb when trying to maintain the value of your car is to keep it clean. It doesn’t matter how well the car runs because if it looks old and dirty, no one will want to buy it. There are a few ways to do this, most simply just by doing regular cleanings every week, both inside and out. If you really want to go all out, you can get a clear vinyl wrap that will protect your car from dents, scratches, and scuff marks. Protecting the exterior of your car is important because it shows prospective buyers that you really care about your car. Also one simple way to make your car stand out is to keep your headlights clear from fog and condensation. There are quite a few products out there that will help you clear out the water from your headlights and the difference it makes in the presentation of your vehicle is huge. If you’re going to do anything first, clean out those headlights and you’ll be glad you did.

 Necessary Documents

Besides the basic cleaning, you also want to make the car an easy purchase and show that you have all the important documents. That means getting all the vehicle’s papers in order, like the registration and emissions check. This isn’t necessary, but you should keep track of all oil changes and other maintenance that you’ve had done over the years. Not only does this provide an easy way to get access to everything about your car, but it also shows that you care about the car, which is huge to prospective buyers. People want cars that have been taken care of and if you can show that you really care, the value of your car will go up substantially.

Simple Fixes

Finally, you want to be sure that nothing stands out as a warning sign to prospective buyers. This means making easy fixes to your car, such as refilling the washer fluid, making sure there are no warning lights on the dashboard, and filling up the tires with air. When trying to sell your car you don’t want the buyer to find anything wrong with it, even small things. If they can’t find anything wrong with your car then they will have a much harder time negotiating the price. A good rule of thumb is to pretend that you’re buying the car. Maybe low washer fluid won’t make you walk away from the purchase, but it certainly doesn’t make you feel like the previous owner took great care of the car.

Vehicles are an investment and ones that typically drop in value so it’s very important to take all the necessary steps and precautions. If you take care of your car, it will take care of you when you try and sell it. Make sure to do routine maintenance, keep all the papers and records in order, and keep it clean and you will notice a huge difference in the value of your car.

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  1. Having a car is a battle against depreciation … unless you have a one of a kind ride in mint condition, I wouldn’t be sinking your cash into a vehicle any time soon for the purposes of making your money grow!


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