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DISCLOSURE – the author is LONG MNKD and freaking sick of naked short selling.  As such a petition has been drafted with the hopes of normalizing this practice.

As I write, I post on StockTwits. One of my StockTwits friends disagreed with one of my posts on MannKind (MNKD), so I decided to invite him to share a post of his own…WOW WHAT AN EYE OPENER! While he wanted to remain anonymous, I would like to thank him for his contribution to the site…you know who you are!

Diabetics country-wide are realizing new-found hope and vigor while enjoying needle-free ‘flat-line’ blood sugar levels with no fear of hypos!

Following are actual quotes from early adopters of Afrezza:

“Running non diabetic blood sugars for the first time in 16 years I realize how sick I always felt.No longer.Everyday is a great day”

“I will maintain a 5.5 target which will be easy to do.#afrezza”

“Before 124 (6:39pm) & after 94(10:57pm). Pasta typically hardest for my insulin to control BUT now I have #AFREZZA “

“feeling awful that people had to go through that. I am so glad to see diabetics have an easier way now. #Afrezza”

“Flat line all night long..just another typical night on #afrezza.”

Afrezza, a newly approved inhalable insulin championed by the legendary Dr. Al Mann’s. Mannkind Corporation is proving to be the long-sought ‘holy-grail’ in diabetes management: mimicking the body’s natural pancreatic insulin response.

Afrezza is a unique combination of ‘natural’ monomeric insulin wrapped in a Ph-sensitive carrier known as Technosphere.  The resultant 2um particles are small enough to reach the smallest alveoli of the lungs where the Technosphere unravels and is promptly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Because the insulin is in it’s naturally occurring form it’s bioavailability is almost immediate- systemic delivery achieved in less than 15 minutes. Meanwhile, 99.9% of the biologically inert technosphere is excreted by the body.

Interesting Short Interest – figures don’t lie but liars figure

The SEC’s latest Failures to Deliver data shows that for the first half February an astonishing 1-in-5 shares of MNKD traded were ‘naked shorts’.  Thankfully for longs the short interest started to abate then, in a sudden illogical twist, short interest suddenly increased!

Perhaps coincidentally, it seems that nefarious minds were at work desperately contriving a way to cover the chronically short interest and perhaps even acquire more stock. A not-so-famous journalist from spun The Medical Letter mention of Afrezza’s as a “lack luster review from a prominet medical journal”

‘Shortly’ followed thereafter by the now infamous Goldman Sach’s ‘sell’ downgrade.  What’s especially ironic is this ‘downgrade is a thinly veiled hit piece based largely on two assumptions:

A – Afrezza’s sales are not meeting expectations’

* duh, Afrezza has not been officially launched or marketed – NRx is strictly word-of-mouth – perhaps testimony to Afrezza’s effectiveness *

B – Heavy discounts in competing diabetes drugs

* existing diabetes drugs have expiring patents and soon will be available as generics.  Afrezza has no equal in the marketplace and hundreds of patents protecting it*

Despite GS being the only firm with a ‘sell’ rating on MNKD, the downgrade was heartily embraced any echoed throughout the finance media outlets, subsequently trashing the stock’s price.

On one sides we have real people, moms, dads, sons and daughters, who finally have hope of conquering diabetes’ slippery slope.  On the other side of the equation are analysts with questionable track records and a single motive – to make money.

One could go on and on about Al Mann is the epitome of American Business – making billions of dollars while  improving the lives of millions. (insulin pump, cochlear implants, inhalable drug delivery, enable blind to see (EYES), lame to walk (neuro-controlled prostheses) to name a few.

I hope this this article sheds some light on what may be a historic epoch for diabetics and the questionable activity of financial analysts.  Interested parties would do well taking an objective look into the nature & tragedy of diabetes and the promise and hope offered in Afrezza as well and long-term prospects of Mannkind’s Technosphere.

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It is not the author’s intent to claim there is a ‘cure’ for diabetes – a terrible disease.  But rather to shed light on a new hope many are enjoying as well as question the motives of some ‘investors’

3 thoughts on “MannKind (MNKD) Stock | Diabetes Cured as Company’s Stock Tumbles”

  1. Thank you for printing your friend’s comments. I completely agree with him. Afrezza, MannKind’s inhaled insulin, is a game changer and I suspect that all the economic power of the entrenched current old school insulin producers are aligned against the success of this new insulin with GS in alliance.

    There are billions of dollars at stake and no one plays nice on Wall Street. Trust no one at Goldman Sachs. They are the folks who brought us the banking meltdown of 2008. Nothing has changed up there, I’m sure.

    Too big to fail still means too big to get caught…

  2. Good article, this and Mr. Sacher’s comments hit the nail on the head! 1-in-5 shares naked short!? Where is the SEC, or MNKD’s legal in all of this?

    Takes a big man to share a contrary opinion!

    Too big to Jail?

  3. Afrezza is a game changer for all diabetics. We should all help spread the word to all the people suffering from diabetes who require insulin so that the drug can reach as many lives as possible.

    How much money people make should be the last concern, but somehow, it never is. The word will spread as more and more doctors give up their skepticism. Hasn’t the financial industry screwed with people’s lives enough??? Thank you, Al Mann, who has his priorities straight.


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