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Is Now The Time To Buy MannKindA month ago, MannKind (NASDAQ: MNKD) Stocks were trading over $6.70 per share. However, today is a bit of a different story. Unfortunately, throughout the past month, the stock has taken a drastic fall. It’s currently trading at just over $5 per share. Since the ultimately goal by investors is to buy low and sell high, one big question that seems to be circulating online is whether or not MannKind is a good buy right now. So, today we’ll discuss why we’ve seen the drop in the stock price, whether or not we’re likely to see it rise again and why, and of course whether or not now is the time to buy. So, let’s get right to it.

Why MannKind Stocks Fell In The First Place

Before the release of Afrezza, investors expected the drug to take off right out of the gate. However, that expectation was very unrealistic. The reality is that until years of more testing is done and added benefits are proven without a shadow of doubt, the company cannot promote the drug as superior to any other insulin pens. While we know that chances are that the drug is far superior through research we’ve done as investments, it’s simply not legal to label it that way until the FDA gives the go.

All of that being said, some MannKind investors were a bit upset with the slow moving growth of the drug through the market in the beginning stages. One of those investors was Goldman Sachs. Following the data early on, an analyst at Goldman Sachs decided to downgrade the stock. While I think the downgrade was completely unfair, Goldman Sachs is a massive investment bank with the ability to move the market. So, you can imagine the stocks fell a bit. Unfortunately, the decline seems to be continuing.

Are We Likely To Ever See MannKind Back At More Than $6.70 Per Share?

In my opinion, the answer isn’t just yes, it’s ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY! When we talk about MannKind, we’re talking about a company that has created a medication that works for a disease that is affecting more and more people every year! While testing still needs to be done to say that the drug is superior to others, those who have tried it seem to love the results. Just do a quick search on twitter for #Afrezza and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Here’s a link to the search, and here are some of the results I found at the time of writing this post.

Those that are tired of limitations of injectables riding a roller coaster ride can have the freedoms that #Afrezza has given me”

As a type 1 waking up w/ a blood sugar of 80s w/ #Afrezza sort of cancels out all the noice from those with agendas”

You want to learn how good #Afrezza is truly, just talk to Mr. @Peakabull and other Afrezza users”

Still no hypos with #Afrezza. If my Dexcom nears 130 I inhale 4u &30-45 mins later I’m back down into 80-90 range and not worried about hypo”

With a drug that does so many good things for so many people, how is it that anyone can expect the company’s stock to fall. Sure, it may take a little time to catch on with the diabetes community, but all in all Afrezza is a hit that will generate mass amounts of revenue in the long run.

Is Now The Time To Buy MannKind?

As mentioned above, the ultimate goal of investors is to buy low and sell high. If you look at MannKind’s stock chart, you can definitely see that we’re coming up on a low. If you’re a long term investor, the stock is definitely presenting a great buying opportunity at the moment.

What Do You Think?

Do you think now is the time to buy MannKind? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Having been invested with MannKind for almost three years, I can tell you that this company is heavily shorted and that it will be awhile before Afrezza, MannKind’s vastly improved and inhaled insulin, will become the dominant insulin among diabetics. But, it is probable that in three to five years, Afrezza will have a large market share, anywhere from 3% to 20% is quite possible.

    That will make MannKind worth as much as $200 per share or as little as $20 per share. So, if you have some time and want to throw a thousand shares in your draw, and since it is trading around $5+ p/s now, you can awake to a very nice nest egg in a few years. Patience will be required.

    Why will it take some time? There are huge players in the insulin market aligned against Afrezza with many billions of dollars at stake. Afrezza is inhaled and that makes it better for getting into the bloodstream faster (something very, very good for diabetics) but because of the new delivery approach, doctors will be cautious as early adopters discover for themselves and report back about the values and pitfalls of taking insulin this way.

    So far, early adopters are raving about their success in managing their blood glucose with Afrezza. The only question seems to be if there will be a long term issue with their lungs because of ingesting insulin. The experts on the FDA advisory panel, endocrinologists who specialize in understanding this issue, voted unanimously in favor, 14-0, in favor of recommendation of Afrezza as an insulin treatment system but also recommended that a long term study be conducted among Afrezza users.

    They, and other endocrinologists, have stated that insulin should not likely be a problem for absorption through the lungs. But, since it is a new delivery method, a number of doctors may take a wait and see approach.

    I am a long term investor in MannKind.

  2. Afrezza is a major improvement in the treatment of diabetes, which affects millions around the world. It is a huge and serious health problem. While there are stock traders betting against Afrezza today, in the long run it will be a blockbuster. It offers ease of use, convenience and most importantly, better blood sugar control with lower highs and higher lows. It stands to reason that doctors, patients and insurers will embrace Afrezza in the years ahead.


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