Markets Giving Back Gains After Historical Day

Markets Giving Back GainsMonday, March 2nd, 2015 was truly a historic day for the Dow Jones Industrial, reaching for the sky closing on a new all-time high of 18,288.63. Today investors aren’t as euphoric. Many investors continue discussing the potential of the DOW 20,000 as a reality. I guess time will tell. The DOW is currently falling lower this morning by -98.32 points as of 11:26 A.M, EST to 18,190.31. The S&P is lower by -11.80 points dropping to 2,105.59. And the NASDAQ is also lower by -36.18 points to 4,971.91 after holding above 5K impressive gains yesterday.

Turning to the foreign markets, the Nikkei shed some gains down -11.72 points last night to 18,815.16 while the Hang Seng collapsed -184.66 points dropping to 24,702.78. The FTSE 100 has reversed course from this morning now pointing down -45.09 points to 6,895.55. The CAC 40 is also down now 1.01% by -49.86 points to 4,867.46. The German DAX is down hard as well -121.50 points to 11,288.86. The European markets have seemed to taken a turn for the worse since America markets have opened, leading the downward plunge.

Investors are wondering if Crude did show a bottom, spiking today and currently up .46 cents a barrel to 50.05, up .93%. Many say we still are falling while others argue we’re seeing our upward climb. Regardless, crude continues its ascent. NYMEX Nat. Gas is at 2.68/MMBtu down .02 cents by .74%. Since markets are rallying, who needs precious metals? Right? You be the judge. Gold is down -6.20/oz to 1,204.80. Silver has fallen -.27 cents an ounce to 16.26. Platinum is also down -4.40/oz to 1,186.50 and Palladium is also down -4.10/oz to 828.00.

As for Penny Stocks, we’re watching one in particular named Cephas Holding Corp. (OTC:CEHC). The stock closed yesterday’s session up 150% to .0015, up .0009 cents. The stock was up some 225% yesterday at one point. Watch for this stock to explode or sell off. Currently the stock sits at even having traded 80M shares so far this session. Heavy volume of 180M shares drove this price through the roof yesterday. Average 10-day volume is 70.4M. 52-week high is .004 on 04/01/14 and a 52-week low of .0002 on 02/12/15.

RCHA is another one to keep an eye on. In yesterday’s session is appeared to possibly be mounting a comeback or a knee-jerk bounce back. The stock closed up .0018 after flirting on lows of .0012 in prior sessions. This one may have the ability to spring forward or pull back. We will keep you posted.

Obviously, ERBB is the big player in the Marijuana Sector today attracting much attention and offering investors very attractive price levels. We will continue to watch this one closely as well. Check us out at SMM or follow us on Twitter @MarketMonitors and King Stock.

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