Markets Sitting Nice, ERBB Explodes Up Nearly 20% Eyeing Up .02 cents


Marijuana stocksChecking in on the market as of 10:31 A.M., we see the DOW is currently feeling nice gains up +55.39 points to 18,150.49. The S&P is higher as well, up +4.94 points sitting at 2,103.47. And the NASDAQ is higher as well, better by +23.09 points sitting just below 5K at 4,990.23. American markets appear to be rebounding after yesterday’s selloff. Major indices still sit on average highs at the moment.

In the foreign world markets, the Asian markets popped a bit with the Nikkei 225 up +48.24 points ending the session up to 18,751.84. The Hang Seng fell apart dropping -272.34 points to 24,193.04, down over one full percent. This is the second day in a row the Hang Seng experienced a massive selloff. The Shanghai Composite shed almost a full percent down -31.06 points to 3,248.48. In Europe we’re looking at a sea of green with the FTSE 100 is gaining ground up +42.75 points to 6,961.99. The CAC 40 is charging ahead as well today up +51.98 points to 4,969.33. The German DAX is gaining back some of yesterday’s losses today up heavily +118.68 points to 11,509.06 at the moment. The Swiss Market is up as well by +43.01 points coming in at 9,035.51 currently. Lastly, the Tel Aviv TA-100 Index bettered itself up 1.50 points to 1,356.85.

Oil appears to have reversed course from this morning and is now down to 51.15/barrel, down .38 cents .74% on the session so far. NYMEX Nat. Gas is reading 2.78/MMBtu, up .01 cents, .29% today so far.

Precious metals are trying to come back today with Gold now up +7.30/oz to 1,211.20 after testing the 1200 levels and Silver is up +.18/oz to 16.41. Platinum is also up +10.40/oz to 1,193.10 and Palladium is down -.80/oz to 830.90. COMEX Copper is even currently on the session at 265.95/USd/lb.

Looking in on the Agricultural Commodity Futures, the day has strengthened a bit from this morning with CBOT Corn futures now up 1.50/USd/bu. to 391.00. CBOT Wheat futures are pointing down 7.25 to 488.75/USd/bu. ICE Cocoa showing down -20.00/USD/mt to 2,987.00. ICE Cotton #2 is up +.10/USd/lb. to 63.70, up some .16% on the session. Lastly, CME Live Cattle is showing up at 154.25/USd/lb., up .13%.

In the Penny Stock/Pot Stock world ERBB is simply dominating trading some 34.2M shares so far today, up to a high of .0115 cents from its previous close of .0096 up nearly 20% on the session. The stock tagged its recent 52-week low of .0075 again before it made it’s turn running up nearly 20% intraday the previous two session as the stock is getting extremely hot and demanding much attention. Analysts and investors are watching this one very closely for a potential trend reversal and another session breakout. DiamondEye StockPicker and King Stock have called for ERBB‘s 15-18% increase with a possible trend reversal this morning before the open and maintain their bullish opinion on the stock. Check out Stock Market Monitors here and read the article. The stock is eyeing up the .015 and .02 levels and looking to make a serious breakout. Stock Market Monitors and DiamondEye StockPicker as well as King Stock maintain their $1.00 price target on the stock. ERBB is showing a weak Relative Strength Index of about 23 on a 5-year chart and about 43 on a 6-month chart indicating this stock is way oversold and should be on the rise. Be sure to follow us on Stock Market Monitors for all your latest and up-to-date Marijuana and Hemp stock news coverage. We will keep you posted on its movement.

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