Markets Stumbling on Highs, Confused Where to Go

Mid Day Market Check UpMarkets closed absolutely strong Friday evening. However, coming into today’s session, Monday February 23rd, 2015, as of 10:55 A.M., EST the start of the last full trading week in February of 2015, markets are appearing to weaken or remain confused as this week is chalk full of data. Check out for more details on economic news to be released this week.

The DOW currently sits down -47.50 points to 18092.94 with the S&P down as well -4.11 points to 2106.19. Checking on the NASDAQ we see the same trend, down -9.20 points coming in at 4946.76 at the moment. The NYSE showed down -48.32 points to 11060.34.

The Asian markets overnight performed as follows with the Nikkei 225 closing off up +134.62 points closing at 18466.92. The Hang Seng finished last night’s session up +4.68 points to 24836.76. These foreign markets continue to display strength and upward force.

As for Europe, the FTSE 100 index is currently down -24.42 points at 6890.78. The CAC 40 has displayed its own identity cashing in up +23.94 points to 4854.84. The DAX grabbed up +50.63 points so far up 11100.78.

Oil continues its slippery southern slope to 49.32/barrel down -1.49/barrel -2.93%. Crude remains at attractive levels for investors and traders. However, be sure your entry point is spot on. Also, NYMEX Nat. Gas is down as well .02/cents to 2.93/MMBtu.

Lastly, checking in on the precious metals we see a mixed review. Gold is slipping down to 1207.10/oz losing -.60 cents a troy ounce. Silver is actually on the rise .14 cents an ounce to 16.50/oz. Platinum is another laggard down 1.90/oz to 1168.60. Finally, Palladium, one of our favorites, is up 3.90/oz to 784/oz. We always keep the metals close @ heart. Especially given these times with such inflation and high market readings. Keep an eye on this industry and mining stocks as well in the coming months/years.

Making a real buzz recently is the Marijuana and Hemp Stock Sector. At Friday’s close, we saw HEMP stock fly up over 11% in the closing 1/2 hour. Recently, HEMP sits down a bit from its previous close but saw highs today of .0348 cents/share. This stock can show rapid, explosive growth. CEO of Hemp, Inc., Bruce Perlowin recently conducted an exclusive interview last night with www.PotStockRadio.Com. We suggest you check it out. ERBB also has been kissing 52-week lows presenting amazing buying opportunities for MJ investors and traders. THCZ has been making moves as well. CBIS appears to be tightening up and wanting to make a jerk upward. We’ll be watching this one as well as We’re also watching RCHA for a major breakout today. The stock shed nearly 60% of its value on Friday and traders are watching for the massive bounce back.

As always, we’ll keep an eye on the industry and keep investors abreast. Feel free to reach us directly at King Stock @MarketMonitors on Twitter and King Stock on Facebook. Also, check out Stock Market Monitor’s newest Partnered website focused solely on delivering the best quality and top notch Marijuana and Hemp trading news. Count on us for the World’s #1 Source for Marijuana and Hemp Stock information. We are currently under construction, but check us out!!

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