Markets Testing Highs, Watching for Break

Markets Are Moving UpAs of 11:33 A.M., EST the Dow Jones Industrial was down -2.57 points to 18,222.00 off its highs of 18,244.38 on 02/25/15. The S&P 500 was also down -1.33 points to 2,112.53. The NASDAQ is up +13.69 points to 4,980.82. And the NYSE is down -15.46 points resting just at 11,102.47. The DOW seems to be testing its highs, waiting and watching for a potential break. The market absorbed a nice amount of data that certainly does not seem to have impressed traders much. Either way, the markets are sitting on impressive gains and absolutely wonderful level with some even calling for a 10% correction in the indicies.

In Foreign Market News, the Nikkei 225 had a great night in Asia up +200.59 points to 18,785.79 and the Hang Seng was also up very nicely +123.78 points to 24,902.06. In Europe, the FTSE 100 is up +10.94 to 6,946.32 points at the moment. The CAC 40 was up +24.15 points to 4,906.37 points as well. The German DAX is up +103.13 to 11,313.40.

Oil continues to disappoint terribly down -1.65/barrel to 49.34, down 3.24% so far. Investors keep wondering how low oil will continue to fall. We will continue to certainly watch. NYMEX Nat. Gas is down -4.44% to 2.74/MMBtu down -.13 cents today.

The precious metals remains attractive to investors as Gold sits up 8.90/oz to 1,213.20 along with Silver up .14 cents an ounce to 16.66. Platinum is currently up 9.60/oz to 1,1.79.40 and Palladium is up .10 cents/oz to 810.40.

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