Med-X: Are You Paying Attention Yet

Med-X is a company that I’ve discussed in great detail in the past, and for good reason. I believe that the company represents a strong opportunity across multiple sectors.

While the company is focused in multiple areas of business, the pesticides business is the one that, to me, is worth the most attention. That’s because the company is becoming a disruptive force by solving one of the biggest problems in the space.

The Problem

The problem is a relatively simple one. Pesticides have proven to be overwhelmingly dangerous. In fact, in the United States alone, it is estimated that 20,000 consumers receive acute care in the emergency room annually for pesticide poisoning, with about 10% of these patients being admitted to the hospital. Moreover, pesticide poisoning kills between 20 and 40 Americans each year.

These numbers are also somewhat skewed. Ultimately, they are the result of surveying hospital records. However, it is unknown just how many people experience the symptoms of pesticide poisoning each year, but choose not to go to the doctor or hospital.

At the end of the day, the pesticides of today are incredibly dangerous. With tens of thousands of hospital visits related to suspected pesticide poisoning each year, this is a problem that desperately needs a solution.

Med-X Provides The Solution

While Med-X produces several products, their clear flagship product is their Nature-Cide lineup of products. Nature-Cide is a lineup of several 25(b) minimum risk pesticides for professional use. The products continue to drive compelling demand, and for good reason.

Ultimately, 25(b) pesticides are much safer, protecting professional pest control technicians, the families and commercial estabishments that they service, and even animals within the community.

Not to mention, 25(b) may mean that there is a far lower chance of pesticide poisoning, but it doesn’t mean that the products are deemed ineffective.

In fact, due to the strong efficacy of the Nature-Cide lineup of products, Med-X has various customers in all walks of life and business that take advantage of its products. The company has customers that range from homeowners to hotels, government establsihments, restaurants, farms, food plants, zoos and amusement parks.

The Value

The value for investors here is very large, and growing. In fact, the global pesticide market registeres a compound annual growth rate of around 6.9%, showing that the industry is one that is growing quickly. Moreover, the industry is already worth well over $75 billion per year globally.

Within this industry, the 25(b) pesticides sub-industry is becoming overwhelmingly important. As business and homeowners alike move to protect their families, firends, visitors, and others, we’re watching as more and more consumers move toward the more environmentally friendly and less dangerous option, 25(b) pesticides.

At the moment, there are few options for 25(b) and Nature-Cide is quickly emerging as a leader.

The Takeaway

The takeaway here is a relatively simple one. The pest control market, both on a residential and commercial playing field is in desperate need of change. With tens of thousands of people getting poisoned each year, the industry is shifting to safer options, and Med-X is on the forefront of that shift. So, if you’re not paying attention to the company yet, now is the time to start!

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