Mid-Morning Post Presidential Peek


Dow Is DownChecking in on the markets as of 11:07 A.M., EST, CNA Finance reports the DOW gave back -48 points coming in at 17971.13. The S&P marks 2092.15 down 4.94 points. NASDAQ is down 8.29 points at 4885.54. Markets seem somewhat lazy after the Presidential extended weekend.

Oil markets are up 1.57 at 52.78. Gold is down 20.90/oz coming in at 1209 testing the 1200 levels. Silver is down .95 cents at 16.44. Platinum is taking a hit down 32.10/oz at 1176.40/oz. Palladium is also down 10.70/oz to 784.80/oz.

The Asian markets were mixed last night with the Nikkei 225 down -18 points to 17987 and the Hang Seng gained +59 points overnight to 24784.88. The European markets fell mixed with the FTSE 100 up +22 points at 6879.58. The CAC 40 was down -7.75 points to 4744.20 and the DAX was down almost half a percent -43 points to 10880.22.

The Pot Sector was on fire in the premarket trading more shares than normal with CBIS in particular. Following the opening bell, THCZ took the spotlight when it struck .047 cents in today’s session so far. THCZ currently rests at .037 cents. ERBB, MJNA, HEMP, VRCID, and GRCU are other to keep on your Weed Watch.

Keep posted for market developments.

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