NanoVibronix (NAOV) Stock Continues Skyward

NanoVibronix Inc (NASDAQ: NAOV) was up well over 200% at the close of trading Friday, and the compelling gains in the stock are continuing today with a premarket gain of more than 30%. The gains started when the company announced positive findings surrounding its UroShield therapeutic devices. 

Here’s what’s happening:

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NAOV Gains On Positive Data 

In the press release, NanoVibronics said that the Journal of Medical & Surgical Urology is publishing an article with overwhelmingly positive findings from a study of patients that used its UroShield in real world settings. 

23 patients with recurring UTIs were included in the study, using UroShield for a minimum of 12 weeks. NAOV went on to explain that both, objective and subjective measures of improvement were recorded every week. These measures included:

  • Number of UTIs;
  • antibiotic treatment; 
  • catheter blockage and changes;
  • bladder washout;
  • hospitalizations or nurse visits due to UTIs;
  • level of pain;
  • sleep; and 
  • mobility.  

Those who received treatment with the UroShield reported a significant decrease in the number of UTIs and antibiotic treatment, had fewer catheter blockages and catheter changes, and pain was reduced significantly by the end of the study. 

NAOV said that researchers at Covetry University concluded that UroShield reduced the number of UTIs, catheter blockages and changes, and consequently, the need for antibiotics. 

Moreover, the patients reported that the device is easy to use and resulted in little to no pain while improving overall well-being and mobility. As a result, the researchers concluded that the UroShiled should be considered as an appropriate option for long-term persistent UTIs. 

The company went on to say that the peer reviewed publication was submitted to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, or NICE, as further clinical evidence towards UroShield achieving NICE Guidance. 

Management Commentary

In a statement, Brian Murphy, CEO at NanoVibronix, had the following to offer:

This independent study is further proof of the effectiveness and applicability of our UroShield device in reducing the incidence of urinary tract infections and the pain and discomfort caused by urinary catheters. As we would expect, the patient experiences in the study were statistically significant, with all responding patients reporting that our device was simple, easy to use and materially benefitted them. The patient experiences were so profoundly positive that 100% of the study’s participants are continuing to use the device following the conclusion of the study.

Importantly, the study was conducted in real world settings, including private residences and long-term care facilities. Study participants, who often relied on family members and other assistants, achieved positive outcomes without the benefit of trained clinicians and skilled care givers, reinforcing our assertion of the ease of use of the UroShield device.

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Final Thoughts

There’s a good reason for all of the excitement surrounding NAOV stock. After all, the data was overwhelmingly positive. Combine that with the fact that the UroShield addresses a multi-billion dollar market and it’s clear that there are exciting times ahead. All told, if you’re not paying attention to the stock yet, you’re missing out. 

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