Netflix (NFLX) Stock: Breaking Out Now | Here’s Why

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX)

Netflix started breaking out minutes ago. There are rumors surfacing that an acquisition of content may be on the horizon. Today, we’ll talk about the movement on the stock, the rumors that are causing the movement, and what we can expect to see from NFLX next.

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NFLX Goes On A Strong Run

Netflix wasn’t having the best of days in the market early on today. However, that is changing quickly, as a bullish spike started up just minutes ago. Currently (12:19), NFLX is trading at $125.45 per share after a gain of $2.10 per share, or 1.70%.

What’s Causing The Gains?

When we saw the spike, as always, the team started searching for a cause. In this case, it wasn’t hard to find one. There are several messages surfacing in social media surrounding a big rumor. The rumor is that Google is interested in acquiring either NFLX as a whole, or the content that the company owns the rights to. Either way, if this were to happen, it would definitely be a high value acquisition.

Not to mention, the idea of this acquisition really does make sense. At the end of the day, Google is a content-hungry company, and video streaming is becoming more and more profitable online. So, if Google could acquire the content or Netflix as a whole, it would likely benefit greatly from the transaction in the long rum.

What’s Next?

While there is some validity to the rumors in the fact that Google would have a lot to gain, it’s important to remember that these are just rumors. We have received no confirmation of the discussions from either company involved. As said to be involved.  As such, I’m expecting excitement to continue on NFLX throughout the session. However, if news doesn’t come out confirming the idea of the acquisition, chances are that we will see a big decline as the stock corrects.

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