Northern Dynasty Minerals (NAK) Stock: Are You Paying Attention Yet?

Northern Dynasty Minerals LTD NAK Stock NewsNorthern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NYSEAMERICAN: NAK) has been on a long and bumpy road. In fact, while the company has released several positive press releases surrounding its flagship project, the Pebble Project, we’ve seen some pretty heavy declines since the year clicked over to 2018.

Nonetheless, while many seem to be abandoning ship, there are plenty of die-hard bulls out there that are holding on and even buying more as the price goes lower. So, is there something that these die-hard bulls know that the investing public doesn’t? Is there a REAL OPPORTUNITY FOR GAINS here? Or are the die-hard bulls holding onto a dream that isn’t likely to come to fruition? Today, we’ll cover a few key points:

  • The value proposition associated with NAK;
  • why the road has been so bumpy surrounding the Pebble Project;
  • recent news surrounding the company’s flagship project;
  • and whether or not I believe that now is the time to get involved in NAK.

The Value Proposition Associated With NAK

The value proposition associated with Northern Dynasty Minerals is the Pebble Project. The Pebble Project, at the moment, is nothing more than a piece of property and a dream. However, this piece of property is owned 100% by NAK and could become the literal ground that spits out chunks of gold.

You see, the Pebble Project is a deposit of one of the world’s largest stores of mineral wealth. At the moment, data suggests that the project is the world’s largest undeveloped copper and gold resource. Not to mention the massive amounts of other materials in the proposed mine. In fact, at early 2010 prices, the mine contained more than $300 billion in materials that could potentially be brought to the surface.

According to current estimates, the Pebble deposit is home to approximately 6.5 billion tonnes of copper, gold, molybdenum, and silver. It is also expected that the company will find Palladium and rhenium when they break ground. So, with the Pebble Project, NAK is literally sitting on a gold mine, and one of the world’s most valuable! After all, if and when the company breaks ground on the Pebble Project, it will quickly be able to reach profitability through operations.

Why The Road To The Pebble Project Has Been So Bumpy

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