Northern Dynasty Minerals (NAK) Stock: Are You Paying Attention Yet?


While the road to permitting is definitely a long one for NAK, the company is well on its way. In fact, in the first couple of months of this year, the company has issued several press releases, providing updates surrounding the process of obtaining permits for the Pebble Project.

On January 5th, the company announced that the Army Corps of Engineers had confirmed that the permit application for the Pebble Project was complete at that time. This was followed up by January 26th and January 29th announcements that the Pebble Project permitting process remains on track. On February 5th, NAK announced that the National Environmental Policy Act permitting process surrounding the Pebble Project had advanced with the selection of a third party EIS contractor.

Most recently, Northern Dynasty Minerals announced on February 23rd that it had filed a technical report surrounding the Pebble Project. The company said that the report documents a minor increase in the estimate of the material resources at Pebble from those previously disclosed, making the Pebble Project even more valuable as it finally makes its way toward approval.

Is Now A Good Time To Get Involved In NAK?

This is the million dollar question my friends, and the truth is that only you and your financial advisor are equipped to answer that question in your unique circumstance. However, in my opinion, Northern Dynasty Minerals is definitely a stock that’s well worth taking a deeper dive into. Don’t forget, it does have its risks. At best, we are still more than a year away from approval and likely several years from the first bit of basic materials being brought out of the mine. At worst, the permits are declined and it’s back to the drawing board.

However, it’s also important to consider that, due to recent declines, the stock is trading at a pretty hefty discount. At the same time, if all goes well, the value proposition here is massive. While there will be some near-term catalysts, the true value here is in the long run. If NAK does get the Pebble Project to the operational point, all data suggests that the mine will be one of the most valuable basic materials and precious metals mines in the world. Whether or not it’s time to get involved in NAK really depends on your answer to 2 questions:

Do you believe that Northern Dynasty Minerals will be able to get their hands on permits for the Pebble Project?


Are you willing to take on the risk for the opportunity to potentially cash in on the long-term value with NAK?

By asking yourself the questions above, you’ll likely have a good idea of whether or not now is the right time for you to consider Northern Dynasty.


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