Oncothyreon (ONTY) Stock Continues Climbing | Can It Last?

Oncothyreon ONTY Stock NewsOncothyreon Inc (USA) (NASDAQ: ONTY)

Oncothyreon stock has had an incredible time in the market recently. As a matter of fact, since May 13th, the stock has grown from $1.48 per share to it’s current (1:20) price at $3.00. With the massive gains we’ve seen recently, investors are starting to ask a big question…”Can the climb last?” Today, we’ll take a look at the stock’s SMA, talk about analyst opinions of ONTY, and discuss whether or not we can expect to see the stock continue climbing.

4 Week Growth And The Current SMA Show Signs Of A Continual Climb

In the past four weeks, ONTY has climbed by nearly 40%! That’s a massive jump! More importantly however, the stock is currently trading far above the 20-Day SMA. Considering the massive growth and the fact that the stock’s price is far above it’s 20-Day SMA, we can safely say that investor sentiment with regard to ONTY is moving in the right direction; but what do the analysts think?

Analyst Opinions Of ONTY

Currently, there are 4 analysts that have weighed in with their opinion on ONTY. They include…

  • Cowen & Company – Cowen & Company recently started coverage on ONTY; giving it an “outperform” rating.
  • H C Wainwright – H C Wainwright currently rates the stock as a “BUY” with a $4 price target.
  • Jefferies & Co. – Jefferies currently rates ONTY as a “Buy”.
  • Cantor Fitzgera – Cantor Fitzgera currently rates the stock as a “Hold”.

All in all, 4 major analysts have weighed in with their opinions on the stock; 3 of 4 giving it a “Buy” rating and 1 of 4 rating it as a “Hold”. So looking at average analyst recommendations, ONTY is a “Strong Buy” overall.

ONTY Is On The Right Track With Therapy Development

Most importantly, Oncothreon is “dedicated to the development of innovative therapies that can improve the lives and outcomes of cancer patients.” Currently, they are in the process of developing immunotherapies and small molecules that target multiple cancer indications; and they’ve got a pipeline that shows they’re working hard.

What We Can Expect From ONTY Moving Forward

Moving forward, I’m expecting to see positive news from ONTY in both the short and long term outlooks. The reality is that the stock looks great technically, analysts seem to love it, and with a strong pipeline and management to match; I can only see growth in the future for this one.

What Do You Think?

Where do you think ONTY is headed and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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