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There are a few stocks that we’re watching very closely at the moment that we believe will generate great opportunities in the coming days in the market. Those include Sarepta Therapeutics, Prima Biomed, and MannKind Corporation. We’ve also dug up a few events to watch as we move into next week that are likely to cause big movements in the market. Below, we’ll discuss the opportunities we see with PBMD, SRPT and MNKD; as well as chat about the events in the economic calendar that should be watched closely.

Prima Biomed (PBMD) Stock Presenting A Great Opportunity For More Gains

Prima Biomed Sp ADR (NASDAQ: PBMD)

Prima Biomed had an incredible day in the market yesterday; seeing an increase of more than 300%! However, today’ there’s a bit of a different story in the market. Currently (1:54), PBMD is trading at $3.34 per share after a loss of 43.55%. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it’s a great opportunity!

The reality is that if you start to look for bad fundamental news about PBMD, you’re simply wasting your time; there’s none out there. The declines today are a correction from yesterday’s highs; driving the stock down to support. So, this one would be a great one to watch. As it hits support, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to buy low and enjoy another great climb!

MannKind (MNKD) Is Following The Same Path

MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD)

MannKind stock has had a great time in the market recently. The company has seen strong gains all week after a research note from Jefferies showed that physicians not only know about Afrezza, but plan to use it more in the future. However, the stock seems to be down today. Currently (1:57), MNKD is trading at $4.45 per share after a loss of 5.21% so far today.

As with the PBMD declines, this one doesn’t seem to be caused by any fundamentally bad news. Instead, the stock has simply reached a point of resistance and started to correct. Nonetheless, this is another one to watch closely as it’s likely to hit the floor soon; resulting in more uptrends!

Sarepta Therapeutics Is Another Stock Falling Back And Preparing For Gains

Sarepta Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: SRPT)

Finally, Sarepta Therapeutics is following the same trend. SRPT had an amazing day in the market after a pre-NDA meeting with the FDA and announcing the rolling NDA of their leading candidate. Again however, we’re seeing bad news in the market from SRPT today. Currently (2:03), the stock is trading at $24.13 per share after a loss of 8.04% so far today.

Once again, this is a classic case of the market taking a rest before a big break. So, it’s time to start looking for the floor for a perfect opportunity to get in low and enjoy gains.

Economic Calendar Events To Follow

  • Durable Goods Orders – Data will be released Tuesday, May 26th.
  • New Homes Sales – Data will be released Tuesday, May 26th.
  • Jobless Claims – Data will be released May 28th.

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