How Haggling Saved Me $1,200!

Hey everyone, Mondays have officially become guest post Mondays. I’ve been reaching out to bloggers that I really enjoy following to see if they’re interested in sharing their stories with us. It’s been incredibly exciting as we’ve been adding more and more bloggers to the CNA Finance community. Today, we’ve got another awesome blogger with … Read more

Options For Dealing With Excess Debts

Nobody likes to be in debt, and especially not over their heads in debt. Unfortunately, it does happen. Perhaps you lost your job and got behind while you were unemployed, perhaps you had an unexpected medical expense that wiped out your saving, or perhaps you are dealing with the financially fallout of a divorce. Whatever the case, if … Read more

4 Steps To Protect Yourself From Corporate Fraud

The tough economic climate which has prevailed in the UK since the double-dip recession first reared its ugly head in 2008 is continuing to bite. The latest sign that times are hard for many isthe recent rise in fraudulent acts, committed both by individuals and corporations, which is plaguing honest businesses across the UK. Identify … Read more