What are you planning on investing in 2015?


With the global economy still on the nose I have been wondering what I am going to do in 2015 in regards to investment opportunities that will hopefully out perform the general market.


I’ve always been a big stock market investor, however, over the last year I haven’t had anywhere near as big of a return as previous years. I’m starting to think that the market might be pretty much at the top, after all, where is the growth actually going to come from?

So for 2015, I’m thinking that i’ll keep my existing portfolio, but not add to it. If the market starts to tank, i’ll get out. I just don’t see big growth here and so I feel there are better opportunities out there.


My wife and I just sold our house as I feel that market in Australia is pretty much in overvalued territory and I didn’t want to be sitting around with a big asset that I couldn’t get rid of. Having said all of that, property has been overvalued for a long time and still hasn’t had a correction, so perhaps I could be wrong on this one.


The one place where my income is going up in leaps and bounds is through my portfolio of websites. It is the one standout performer in my investment portfolio and I plan on ramping up further in 2015. Overall my biggest concern in this space is the amount of time I have to put into the investment, however, I am getting a lot better at outsourcing things.

Peer to Peer Loans

The last thing that I am getting more heavily into is peer to peer loans. I am finding that the rate of return is much better than stock standard interest, and I also feel like I am able to help some people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have access to funds.



What are you planning on investing in over the next year?

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  1. That’s a good plan for 2015! What I like about your plan is that you have set it more concretely. I am impressed with how much income you got especially from website. I agree that outsourcing is really helpful for those who haven’t got enough time to do it by themselves.


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