Save Money By Keeping Up With Car Maintenance


Vehicle maintenance is important. While it does cost money, and isn’t always in the budget, ignoring it causes even more problems. Vehicle owners should keep track of when regular maintenance needs to be done on their vehicles so that budgeting for them to be completed on time is possible.

Regular Maintenance Uncovers Potentially Major Problems

When items such as tune-ups and oil changes are ignored, it can lead to major problems occurring with your vehicle. Misfiring spark plugs and spark plug wires are known to cause stalling or the inability to even start the car when they are not changed regularly. It will also cause the vehicle to run improperly, making more systems such as the fuel system, sensors and other major systems inefficient.

Oil changes are important, even if they are performed at a less respected facility. Clean oil and clean oil filters help the engine to remain lubricated to run properly. It also helps to maintain proper fuel efficiency.

General maintenance also includes checking all of your vehicle’s fluid levels monthly. Letting any fluids run low such as transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid or antifreeze leaves those systems struggling and working harder to perform their job. If fluids, such as oil, coolant or transmission fluid, run completely dry, your engine can seize up and is essentially ruined. Once an engine seizes up, it is nearly impossible to repair it to working order again and total engine replacement is required.

Pay Attention for Warning Signs

Vehicles will give warning signs, in most cases, when one or more of its systems are going haywire. Some automotive parts stores have mechanisms to run a quick diagnostic test at no charge that will tell you what is wrong with the vehicle. It is important that you get these items fixed as quickly as possible to prevent further damage from occurring.

Common warning signs to listen/feel for:

  • Engine revving or sounding sluggish when shifting
  • Hesitation upon acceleration
  • Overheating

These main warning signs let you know that your vehicle needs immediate attention.

Most major vehicle repair or vehicle maintenance shops offer special promotions. Sign up for email clubs and keep coupons that arrive in junk mail or newspapers. Saving even a small percentage on the maintenance helps tremendously. A properly maintained vehicle has less major breakdowns, thus saving you money on costly repairs. It also adds longevity to the vehicle’s lifespan and remains as a dependable mode of transportation.

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  1. An important article!

    I’ve ripped apart an engine before using just online forums and a decent set of tools! So don’t forget to checkout the internet if you wanna tackle the job yourself!

  2. I too don’t own a car. That helps me avoid all the costs and problems that go along with vehicle ownership. But trust me when I tell you, it creates a whole slew of other problems, even living in a large city where mass transit is allegedly available.

  3. This is so true. My uncle always told me and my brother to make sure we are consistent with our oil changes. He said: “When it needs to be done, get it done and the car will last.”

    Fast forward 10 years later, I have always kept up with it, while my brother let’s his car go 20,000 miles sometimes without changing the oil. 20,000 MILES!

    Let’s just say that my cars tend to last quite a bit longer. It really is important. With how much we spend on vehicles, why not spend the extra time and money to keep them in good working order?

    Great post!

  4. Regular maintenance could save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

    I’m also with Will on doing it yourself. I haven’t attempted to do major engine work on a cars, but I’ve done all the regular maintenance on my car just be watching some videos and reading forums. Anything from breaks, oil changes, transmission fluid, belts, hoses, break fluid, etc., can easily be done if you know how to use a wrench… in other words, everybody can do it.

  5. This post is right up my alley! We currently have 3 cars: one for my nanny and my husband and I each have a car. We quit dealership servicing a while ago, and we have some local guys who are reasonable who we trust. I am also going to start doing basic maintenance on my nanny’s Ford Focus soon! Great post.

  6. I actually took out my car’s manual from my glove box the other day to look at. I have never done that. But, I know that I will drive this car into the ground before I take out another loan, so I might as well know what is coming.

  7. Regular maintenance really is key and ignoring it is a common thread I see in people who keep having car problems. I’ve found that Costco is a great place to go when it’s time to replace tires. They have awesome prices and give you a lifetime of free tire repair and rotations.


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