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As mentioned in previous posts today, this simply isn’t the day for US stocks. However, when we see bad days in the market, there tends to be more opportunities for future gains. Today, I’ve dug up a few stocks in the service industry that I think are strong opportunities to get into. Here’s what I’ve found…

Netflix Stock Is Down | Not For Long

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX)

Netflix stock has been fun to watch recently. After steep gains over the past several months, it seems as though the stock reached resistance on June 10th; hitting $671.10 after announcing a stock split. However, since then, we’ve seen declines. Nonetheless, I’m not concerned as I think big things are on the way for the stock. First off, any time we see massive movement in the market, it’s usually followed by a correction before more climbs. However, I think the climbs are going to be strong on this one. That’s because when the stock does split, more, lower income investors will have their opportunity to get their hands on shares; leading to another bullish run. So, watch this one closely as the stock split will most likely turn into strong gain opportunities. Stock Is Down Today | Trading Near Support, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN)

As with most other stocks in the tech industry today, stock is having a bit of trouble in the market. However, this is another one that I’m really not concerned about. Throughout the past few months, we’ve seen trading in a well-defined range; and today, the stock is getting close to support. While we are seeing declines today, I’m expecting the stock to stay above the $423.50 mark. If it reaches this mark, get ready for a strong breakout in the positive direction. Even if it doesn’t fall all the way to $423.50, we’re most likely going to see strong gains out of AMZN tomorrow. So, keep your eye on this one; looking for support and an open door to gaining opportunities.

ITT Educational Services Stock Is Also Down | Looking Like Another Opportunity!

ITT Educational Services, Inc. (NYSE: ESI)

Finally, ITT Educational Services stock is having a bit of a rough day in the market as well. However, this is another one that I’m really not concerned about. After blowing away earnings and top line revenue expectations with their recently released earnings report, ESI stock climbed dramatically last week. As we see with most dramatic increases, the stock has corrected. However, it seems as though it is defining a new level of support at $4.39 per share; so, I’m not expecting it to fall below this point. As a matter of fact, next time it hits support; we’re likely to see strong gains. So, this is another to keep a close eye on.

Do You Know Of Any Others?

Do you know of any other stocks presenting strong opportunities in the service space? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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