Sharing Economy International (SEII) Stock: Gaining On Partnership News


Sharing Economy International Inc. SEII Stock News

Sharing Economy International Inc. (NASDAQ: SEII) is having an overwhelmingly strong start to the trading session in the pre-market hours this morning, and for good reason. The company announced a partnership that leads to its entrance into the blockchain space, and as we’ve seen with others that have moved toward the blockchain, the stock is flying. Today, we’ll talk about the partnership, what we’re seeing from the stock, and what we’ll be watching for ahead.

SEII Gains On Partnership 

As mentioned above, Sharing Economy International is having an incredibly strong start to the trading session this morning after announcing a partnership. In a press release issued early this morning, the company announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Inspirit Studio Limited, has entered into a partnership agreement with Asiabots Ltd. The goal of the partnership is the joint development of A.I. and O2O delivery services.

In the release, SEII said that Asiabots has developed A.I. land machine learning business solutions for cross regional business clients. These clients include major retailers and consumer product companies, private companies, and government organizations. Through the technology, the Chatbot engine was designed for a chat robot to respond intelligently to customer inquiries by mimicking human conversation.

In the release, SEII announced that it plans on integrating this techology into its BuddiGO platform. BuddiGO is a peer-to-peer community delivery service platform which allows users to outsource daily chores and mundane tasks to Buddies. The new service is expected to launch in Q2 of 2018. In a statement, Kurt Tam, CEO at Sharing Economy International’s wholly owned subsidiary, Inspirit Studio, had the following to offer:

By working with Asiabots, we plan to implement smart delivery, a revolutionary model that perfectly integrates A.I. and 020 delivery services, and pioneer the Asia market… Rebranded from Anyway and backed by A.I. technology, BuddiGO will enter the age of the intelligent app. Thanks to our chatbots, our users will be able to simplify their ordering and service experience. Every recommendation, order and delivery can be driven by A.I. and millions of users and business clients will benefit from this advanced integration. Just as important, our freelancers’ income will rise dramatically in line with the growth of delivery demand. In addition to Asiabots’ A.I. support, BuddiGO is built upon the SEII blockchain transaction platform, where smart contracts and the advanced ledger system will establish BuddiGO as a secure personal business platform for everyone. With these advanced technologies, BuddiGO will be a smart, secure, trusted and convenient solution.

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