Silo Pharma (SILO) Stock Is One for the Radar

Silo Pharma Inc (OTCMKTS: SILO) is one that I’ve been watching for some time, and I’m more bullish on the stock today than ever before. In fact, there’s a strong argument that the stock is experiencing a ridiculous undervaluation. Here’s how I see it.

Before We Get to the Core

Before we get to the core of what Silo Pharma does, I want to point out something that will likely prove to be a shocker for investors, and that’s the value of the company’s ownership of DatChat. At the moment, Silo owns about a million shares of the stock, and considering current prices, that puts the company’s ownership of DatChat at a value of around $9 million.

At the moment, the company has a market cap of around $19 million, meaning that its ownership of DatChat represents about half of its market cap. However, the stock hasn’t really seen much of a bump in value since DatChat went public.

So, it’s clear that investors haven’t yet priced the value of the company’s stock ownership into the value of the company, pointing to a clear, and significant, undervaluation.

Beyond DatChat

Sure, the company’s ownership of DatChat shares points to an impressive undervaluation, but that’s not the only thing to be excited about when it comes to Silo Pharma. The fact of the matter is that in recent months, the company has been making significant headway in its core business as a pharmaceutical company looking to fuse psychedellics with traditional therapeutic options.

Most recently, the company announced that its partner, Zylo Therapeutics, hit a major milestone when the company received approval from the DEA to advance the development of its Z-pod technology in combination with Ketamine. In reaction to the news, Eric Weisblum, CEO at SILO, had the following to offer:

The development of a transdermal Ketamine therapeutic with the patented Z-Pod® technology is an exciting opportunity for Silo. The DEA’s approval advances the development and ability to deliver Ketamine and potentially Psilocybin in a time-released or dosage-controlled manner. We look forward to updating investors on this partnership as milestones are achieved.

Not to mention, in the past three months, the company has expanded its psychedellics IP portfolio, received IP in relation to homing peptides, and entered into a support and research agreement with the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

No matter how you slice it, the company is firing on all cylinders.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is simple. Silo Pharma is setting the stage for tremendous growth. Not only is the company significantly undervalued, it’s executing on all objectives, making the stock one to watch closely.

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