Silo Pharma (SILO) Stock: What An Undervaluation

Silo Pharma Inc (OTCMKTS: SILO) is a stock that I’ve been watching for some time now, and I’ve been impressed with the company’s operational progress. So today, let’s talk about what’s new and why you should be paying attention to this biotech stock. 

What’s New With Silo Pharma

Silo Pharma has been actively pursuing opportunities to bring new therapeutic options to patients with debilitating conditions like Parkinson’s disease, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Fibromyalgia. 

But that’s nothing new… what’s new?

Since our last overview article about what Silo’s doing, there have been quite a few positive pieces of news. The most exciting of which from an operational perspective include:

  • Investigator Led Sponsored Study. The company recently announced that it is taking part in an investigator led sponsored study with Maastricht University. The study will use repeated low doses of LSD and Psilocybin as potential therapeutic options for emotional dysfunction in Parkinson’s disease. The study is also expected to lead to a better understanding of the mechanism of action of psychedelic therapeutics in patients with Parkinson’s disease. 
  • Homing Peptides. The company also announced that it has entered into an Exclusive Option Agreement with the University of Maryland, Baltimore for patented Homing Peptides as a potential treatment for patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is believed that these joint-homing peptides may have therapeutic benefits for Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as other autoimmune diseases.  
  • Increased Patent Protection. Finally, Silo announced late last month that it filed three distinct Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications surrounding the delivery of unique anti-inflammatory therapeutics coupled with psilocybin. 

As you can see, the company is quickly moving forward with both, its psychedelic approach to therapeutics as well as its homing peptides as a treatment for autoimmune conditions. 

On the operational side, things are going great, but it would be a mistake to ignore what’s happening in terms of the significant undervaluation seen on the stock. If you look at the company’s balance sheet, you’ll find that it owns a million shares of DatChat, a communications technology company that’s centered around privacy in communications. 

So, why is that so important for this biotech stock? Well, the stock trades with a market cap around $16 million and with DatChat trading at nearly $8 per share, it’s million shares of the company are worth around half of the company’s market cap, and given the momentum in the stock, gains in DatChat are likely to continue. 

That points to a significant undervaluation. 

Final Thoughts

All told, SILO stock is one to watch closely. The company’s work in psychedelics is coming along as expected and with the coming Parkinson’s disease study, several major potential catalysts may be just around the corner. 

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