Skills which can get you a Banking Job in Asia Market: Singapore

The banking sector in Singapore is furiously competitive. For graduates seeking to crack in to the finance market in Singapore, a high grade degree alone cannot do the magic. Both first timers as well as experienced professionals need to think beyond “teamwork” and “communication” to stand apart from the crowd.


Linguistic Skills

Knowledge of a foreign language is not a necessity in Singapore where English is the primary business language. But with the increase of niche positions in the banking sector, additional language skills are highly desirable. Investment banks and wealth management institutions are quickly expanding at a global level and are expected to seek professionals with enhanced linguistic skills.


Global experience

Did you know 90% of the fresh graduates secure their dream job through globally recognised internships and apprenticeship programs? A sound work experience speaks a lot more on your resume that any degree from a reputed institution. Graduates passing out of university are thus recommended to secure internships and research based work holiday programs to project them higher than the rest of the competition. Overseas experiences and internships are a big “yes” when it comes to banking jobs in Singapore.


Cosmopolitan outlook

Demonstrating real life experiences outside formal education enhances the chances of procuring a banking job in Singapore.  A more rounded application with a cosmopolitan outlook towards the preferred role increases the chance of success in an interview.
Professionals must be able to relate key events or socio-economic trends that will affect the markets globally to its effect on the current market and the employer.


Sector Specific skill set

The banking environment is highly dynamic and it is important that the professionals are in parity with the changing trends. For instance, the upcoming years is expected to see a tremendous growth in areas of compliance, risk management, data security and transactional banking. Equipping oneself with a specific skill that is most relevant to the current market is the best way to secure a gratifying job.


Innovation and Resilience

The knack to think proactively and build innovative solutions is the need of the hour. The innovative power of professionals directed towards new business and product ideas can help secure jobs at the managerial level. The banking market is a high pressure environment that demands meticulous planning for operational success. A winning banker must exhibit resilience under extreme pressure and draw the right equilibrium between innovation and convention.

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