Stocks To Keep An Eye On | MannKind Corporation (MNKD) | Synergy Pharmaceuticals (SGYP) | Oculus Innovative Sciences (OCLS)

Today is a great day for biotech stocks, and there are several opportunities that are becoming apparent. Here are three stocks that I’m watching incredibly closely; as they all have the potential to generate long term gains…

MannKind (MNKD) Stock | Strong On Afrezza/Technosphere

MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD)

While MNKD may have been dealt a relatively bad hand in the market a few months ago as the result of a Goldman Sachs downgrade, the stock is climbing recently. The climb was started as the result of a Jefferies research note in which data was released with regard to a recent survey of endocrinologists. 65% of respondents stated that not only had they heard of Afrezza, but they intend on using it in the future. Also, with no plans of licensing out Technosphere, MannKind is likely to produce more inhaled medications that in the past could only be injected. As a result, investor excitement is driving the stock up in what I see as the beginning of a long term bull run.

Synergy Pharmaceuticals (SGYP) | Strong On High Volume

Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: SGYP)

Synergy Pharmaceuticals is having a great day in the market today following Friday’s gains. The gains today and Friday seem to be caused by high volume. In Friday’s trading session 2.6 million shares exchanged hands in comparison to the company’s average of 2.49 million. It seems as though we’re seeing the same strong activity today leading to a gain of 4.90% so far; so, get ready for more and more gains!

Oculus Innovative Sciences (OCLS) | Also Strong On High Volume

Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: OCLS)

Finally, Oculus Innovative Sciences is strong on high volume as well today. So far, there have been nearly 1 million shares that have traded hands. The interesting part is that this volume is more than 30 times the normal volume for the stock for this time of day. I think we’re going to continue to see strong activity throughout the day and the rest of the week. This is one that’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Know Of Any Others?

What stocks are you keeping an eye on today and throughout the rest of the week? Let us know in the comments below!

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