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Stocks To WatchLumber Liquidators (LL) Stock Is Making A Dramatic Recovery

Over the past two weeks or so, Lumber Liquidators (LL) stock has been on a steep decline. The downtrends started as a “60 Minutes” report suggested that the laminate flooring product offered by Lumber Liquidators (LL) had high levels of formaldehyde; a toxin known to cause cancer. However, there are several hedge funds and large investors that are starting to question the report and the stock started to make a dramatic recovery on Wednesday.

Outlook – With the strong activist investing we’re seeing, I think Lumber Liquidators’ stock price will continue to grow in value; so, hold on tight for a steep incline on the ride to the top!

GoPro (GPRO) Continues Its Descent To The Bottom

Ever since their record high in early October, GoPro (GPRO) has been dealing with a major downtrend. This downward movement wasn’t something that came out of the blue either. In fact, the continued downtrend seems to be fulfilling a prophecy that started to become popular among hedge funds in the second half of 2015. Nonetheless, this one definitely opens an opportunity for the bears!

Outlook – “It’s all down hill from here boss man!” In my humble opinion, this one is on the downward path and that’s not changing any time soon!

Netflix (NFLX) Stock Is Making A Strong Recovery

Netflix (NFLX) stock values have been falling hard over the past 5 days with the worst of the drop happening on Monday. The landslide we saw Monday happened after Apple announced that HBO Now will be an exclusive app to the Apple TV. However, it seems as though investors are getting past the competition and giving new life to Netflix (NFLX) stock. The stock is on a strong uptrend today and looks like it will continue the trend throughout the day.

Outlook – Netflix (NFLX) is a great company with plenty of room to grow. While some investors may have gotten spooked by competition, I’d still rate this one as a “buy” for the long term investors.

Amazon (AMZN) Stock Price Seems A Bit Confused

As with Netflix (NFLX), Amazon (AMZN) has been on a bit of a downtrend over the past 5 days as well. However, following news that Wolfe Research upgraded Amazon (AMZN)’s stock, the slide seems to have stopped. However, the stock price still seems confused as to where to go. While we are seeing the general peaks and valleys, Amazon (AMZN) stock prices are relatively flat with regard to overall growth today.

Outlook – I don’t care who upgrades this stock, Amazon (AMZN) is not a company that I would put my money into. I will admit that the growth we’ve seen recently is pretty impressive. However, when we look to the root of that growth, it’s easy to see why it won’t last…the company simply isn’t capable of generating long term profits!

Express (EXPR) Stocks Continue Incredible Growth Following Positive Earnings

Express (EXPR) recently released an earning report that blew all expectations out of the water. While the stock had been on a slow and steady rise for some time before the report, the growth increased in momentum exponentially following the positive report. That growth continues today and I expect Express (EXPR) stocks to close in the green.

Outlook – As with most companies, when positive earning reports are released time and time again, Express (EXPR) stocks only have room to grow!

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